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We're Not On Drugs

by Various Artists



Independent Music Sampler #132

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents We're Not On Drugs, an eclectic collection of 25 independent and underground songs from all around the globe. The collection's title is inspired by a Mookie Mcfierson track. Mookie is featured here and is this week's pick from the Colorado Reglar-Daddy collective, providing his interesting take on fingerpicking indie folk.

We also welcome back a number of familiar faces. There is the sax-infused country folk of Jason Mirek, the progressive bedroom pop of Tiny Room Records' The World Of Dust, and the psychedelic jam rock of Jphono1. Capital Sons bring their groove-laden classic rock, Maestro Collage deliver some melancholic lo-fi pop, and Random Default Band give us their soaring indie post-punk. There is British folk rock from John O'Sullivan, and Snappy Little Numbers return with melodic pop punk from Friends Of Cesar Romero.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Aubin Pi La Scb (Franco garage zydeco).
Charlie Marshall (new retro soul).
Craig Rich (technicolour dream pop).
CRISM (grungy alternative rock).
Jelloswayze (abrasive horror rock).
John R. Mabry (holy Americana rock).
Kyra Gordon (baroque piano-led Americana).
Luca Chiappara (swinging rockabilly jazz).
Navin Avenue (alternative country storytelling).
Nick Toczek And Signia Alpha (swirling heavy psychedelia).
Phil Snell (old-time ambient folk).
Poetry In Telegrams (crunching progressive metal).
Running In Reykjavik (atmospheric electro experimentation).
Simon Bromide (psychedelic indie folk).
Underworld Vampires (continental synthpop revival).
Whiting Tennis (lo-fi Americana epic).


released July 29, 2022

This album is dedicated to Robert Wilson of The Dead Show Dealers. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Vincent Van Gough' by Dawn Hudson, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-357).

Tracks 1 - 5:

'Train' written by and used by permission of Aubin Pi La Scb, originally released on 'Yousque L'Hell' (2022). 'A Kick Out Of Love' written by L. Chiappara / V. Signorelli, used by permission of Luca Chiappara, originally released on 'Where I Belong' (2022). 'Change Has Got To Come' written by and used by permission of Charlie Marshall, originally released on 'Change Has Got To Come' (2021). 'I'm Looking Up' written by and used by permission of Jason Mirek, originally released on 'Best Way To Be Free' (2021). 'Beauty And The Broken Heart' written by Friends Of Cesar Romero, used by permission of Snappy Little Numbers, originally released on 'War Party Favors' (2021).

Tracks 6 - 10:

'Orso Bruno' written by and used by permission of Underworld Vampires, originally released on 'Mondo Parallelo' (2021). 'I Love You' written by and used by permission of Kyra Gordon, originally released on 'Soul Of A Showgirl' (2022). 'Following The Moon' written by and used by permission of Simon Bromide, originally released on 'Following The Moon' (2021). 'Two Songs In One' written by and used by permission of Whiting Tennis, originally released on 'I Do' (2022). 'Serapeum' written by and used by permission of Stefan Breuer, originally released on 'Gaman' (2022).

Tracks 11 - 15:

'Memories' written by Mookie Mcfierson, used by permission of Reglar-Daddy, originally released on 'Welcome To The Real Squirrel' (2021). 'That Ghost Is Best' written by Jphono1, used by permission of John Harrison, originally released on 'Rectify Mercy' (2022). 'See A Thing' written by Obermeyer / Paukert / Raney / Jueneman, used by permission of Karl Obermeyer, originally released on 'Passages' (2022). 'Tu Es Mignon' written by and used by permission of Maestro Collage, originally released on 'Otter' (2020). 'Isolation Frustration' written by and used by permission of Craig Rich, originally released on 'Attack Of The Minor Inconveniences / Results May Vary' (2022).

Tracks 16 - 20:

'Dignity' written by and used by permission of Nick Toczek And Signia Alpha, originally released on 'The Columbus Memoires' (2022).'The End' written by Random Default Band, used by permission of Lenz Fielder, originally released on 'Minimal Effort' (2022). 'In The Arena' written by Johnny Stefecek, used by permission of Poetry In Telegrams, originally released on 'Trivial Optical Tricks' (2021). 'Parliament On Rooks' written by and used by permission of Phil Snell, originally released on 'The Blackest Crow' (2022). 'Fortune Teller' written by and used by permission of John O'Sullivan, originally released on 'Sand Castles' (2021).

Tracks 21 - 25:

'Come On In' written by and used by permission of John R. Mabry, originally released on 'I Want To Be Changed' (2021). 'Navin's Song' written by Shae Krispinsky, used by permission of Navin Avenue, originally released on 'Book 1 - A Little Warming' (2022). 'Sleep' written by Konrad Sciepko, used by permission of CRISM, originally released on 'CRISM' (2021). 'You' written by and used by permission of Alann Versipellis, previously released on Bandcamp (2022). 'Skid Rowed' written by and used by permission of Running In Reykjavik, originally released on '15 Doors' (2020).


More Aubin Pi La Scb: aubinpilascb.bandcamp.com.

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