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Unknown Resonators

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #116

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents Unknown Resonators, an eclectic collection of 26 songs from all around the world. This week's title is inspired by two of the artists that are featured here, the electro punk Helmholtz Resonators and the horror punk I.R. Idiot.

We welcome back a number of familiar faces this week too. Highway Chapel return with their unique take on garage rock, and The Smart Folk bring us their sun-soaked soaring indie rock. There is the murderous bloody country balladry of Ol Billy Bob Boy, the chiming indie pop joy of The Happy Somethings, and the grungy piano-led rock and roll of No Wake. We then have alternative hard-edged funk rock from Holy Pills, insightful contemporary folk from Jonathan Nicholas, and new age indie folk rock from Jodie Reid. 4000 Records bring us Coalfalls and their soaring and fuzzy instrumental rock, and Brazil's Ozorio Trio return to us with an instrumental blues composition.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Adrienne Pecheuse (rumbling electro-themed chillwave).
Clever Square (shuffling jangly college rock).
David Voss (classical bluegrass country fusion).
Emergency Room (electrifying math rock complexity).
Kudos To Kosmos (doomsday stoner rock).
Mordecai Smyth (vintage-minded psychedelic pop).
Owlmask (lo-fi melancholic dark pop).
Pine + Fire (fingerpicking indie folk soul).
Rick Wilson (avant garde art rock adventures).
Robert Dortesque (modern psychedelic experimentations).
Strange Color Sky (emotive lo-fi indie adventures).
Sweet Dream (technicolour twanging jangle pop).
Tikkun (free-flowing freeform jazz).
Tomas Lukac (relaxed jazz experimentation).


released January 7, 2022

This album is dedicated to Janice Long. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Steam Punk Background Color' by Circe Denyer, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-279).

Tracks 1-5:

'Don't Cross Colin' written by and used by permission of Mordecai Smyth, originally released on 'Sticky Tape & Rust' (2021). 'Blood To Blood' written by Highway Chapel, used by permission of Joseph Fagan, originally released on 'Highway Chapel' (2018). 'Choc Full O' Chix' written by and used by permission of The Helmholtz Resonators, originally released on 'Crystal Submarine' (2009). 'Avocado Phishing' written by Giacomo D'Attorre, used by permission of Clever Square, originally released on 'Clever Square' (2019). 'Love Is The Answer' written by Julian Creech-Pritchett / Sweet Dream, used by permission of Sweet Dream, originally released on 'Blessed / Cursed' (2021).

Tracks 6-10:

'Take That Chance Again' written by K. Claringbold, used by permission of Chris Newton, originally released on 'Yesterday Repeating' (2019). 'Snow Angel' written by and used by permission of Bill Simms, originally released on 'Sweltering Sun' (2020). 'Austin' written by and used by permission of David Voss, originally released on 'Pictures At An Inhibition' (2021). 'Them Woods He So Loved' written by and used by permission of Pine + Fire, originally released on 'The Son' (2021). 'Forward Now' written by The Happy Somethings, used by permission of Joy Feliz, originally released on 'Lollipop Licks' (2021).

Tracks 11-15:

'Soul Lever' written by and used by permission of Strange Color Sky, originally released on 'The Canterbury Tales' (2019). 'Take 'Em Out' written by and used by permission of Eli Nowak, originally released on 'By Design' (2018). 'City's Burning' written by Holy Pills, used by permission of Francois Des, originally released on 'City's Burning' (2021). 'Three' written by and used by permission of Emergency Room, originally released on 'Emergency Room' (2007). 'Unknown' written by Adrien Idiot / Skyler Pretty, used by permission of Adrien Harpelle, originally released on 'Spore' (2019).

Tracks 16-20:

'Vanity Vanity' written by J. Nicholas / D. Rowley, used by permission of Jonathan Nicholas, originally released on 'Rolling Eyes & Sighs' (2019). 'Up Against' written by and used by permission of Jodie Reid, originally released on 'Secondary Sight' (2019). 'Archaeopteryx' written by and used by permission of Owlmask, originally released on 'Annihilation Products' (2021). 'Labyrinths' written by and used by permission of R. Dortesque, originally released on 'The Endless Quest Of Reason' (2021). 'Stone' written by Coalfalls, used by permission of 4000 Records, originally released on 'Pieces' (2021).

Tracks 21-25:

'Fate' written by Iris Missing / Sirius Parsec, used by permission of Adrienne Pecheuse, originally released on 'Lynch / Me' (2021). 'Saidera' written by Ozorio Trio, used by permission of Marcelo Ozorio, originally released on 'Ozorio Trio' (2015). 'Into Dark' written by and used by permission of Rick Wilson, originally released on 'Voices From Off-Centre' (2020). 'Lichtnebel' written by Markus Gruber / Marco Kilger / Nico Sagstetter, used by permission of Kudos To Kosmos, originally released on 'Bruder Im Geiste' (2021). 'All Apologies' written by Kurt Cobain, used by permission of Tomas Lukac, originally released on 'Heart-Shaped' (2021).

Track 26:

'Shema (Faith)' written by Tikkun, used by permission of Le Fondeur De Son, originally released on 'Dawn Ceremony For Dreadful Days' (2021).


More Adrienne Pecheuse: adriennepecheuse.bandcamp.com.

More Clever Square: cleversquare.bandcamp.com.

More Coalfalls: 4000records.bandcamp.com/album/pieces-ep.

More David Voss: daviddvoss.bandcamp.com.

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More Tomas Lukac: tomaslukac.bandcamp.com.


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