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The Strangest Place On Earth: 16 Revolutionary Whirls

by Various Artists



Welcome to the 27th Aldora Britain Records compilation, 'The Strangest Place On Earth: 16 Revolutionary Whirls.' The title comes from two tracks by two of the artists features on the compilation, coincidentally neither of the tracks actually feature on the compilation. Confusing, right? Postman, a Berlin-based Ukrainian neo-folk songsmith, provides the first half of the title and Tin Pan Parade, an experimental post rock project provide the second half.

Tin Pan Parade is the artists that this collection revolves around. More specifically, the main man behind the project, Bradly Vaughn, who appears on three separate songs. As well as Tin Pan Parade, he contributes a solo track and a track from another project, Braidel. His style is experimental with flashes of post rock and punk, think The Velvet Underground. Experimentation is the key to this collection, in a variety of different directions.

The Prof.Fuzz 63 continue the Velvet Underground theme with their distorted and fuzzy post punk. Nick Shoulders, an AB favourite, returns with 'Honey (Let's Stay In),' another fine example of his traditional and yodelling take on country and bluegrass. Citrus Blossom, another Greek band that we've added to our collaborators, purvey a style of blues and hard rock that is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin.

BOA provide some reggae fusion, Francis' provide some lo-fi indie folk, and The Sun Harmonica provide some joyous folk rock. There's also a track taken from Molly Shuvani's latest LP. Molly's LP covers folk, jazz, pop, soul and hip hop. Experimental.

Fieves and Guiding Lights add a little hard garage rock to the mix, heavy stuff. Sven Sauber and Silent Neighbor deliver two polar opposites of the folk rock spectrum. The collection is completed by Straight Arrows, a no-nonsense punk rock group that will have you thinking of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers.

Experiment, experiment, experiment. Stay at home, download, stream, listen. Play it loud it's the best and safest thing to do.

Best wishes,

Tom @ AB Records


released April 24, 2020

Album compiled by and artwork by Tom Hilton and Emma Prime. Artwork taken in Rothley, April 2020. This album is dedicated to Kenny Rogers, Bob Andy and Adam Schlesinger. 'I Just Want To Know' written and used by permission of Tin Pan Parade, taken from 'Worrier/Warrior' (2018). 'Gun Man' written and used by permission of Straight Arrows, taken from 'On Top!' (2018). 'Hip Priest's Hip Replacement (Slow Recovery)' written by Professor Fuzz, used by permission of The Proz.Fuzz 63, taken from 'Kirvin Streetman's Sugar Bride Blues' (2019). 'Honey Let's (Stay In)' written and used by permission of Nick Shoulders, taken from 'Okay, Crawdad.' (2019). 'The Burden To Bear Arms' written by Bradly Vaughn, used by permission of Tin Pan Parade, taken from 'Captain Kidd' (2019). 'Stars Beyond Us' written by Kostiantyn Pochtar, used by permission of Postman, taken from 'City Freak' (2019). 'Those Who' written and used by permission of BOA, taken from 'Bag Of Seeds' (2019). 'Anchor' written by Citrus Blossom, used by permission of Agis Chatzigeorgiou, taken from 'Eyes Filled With Apathy' (2020). 'We Are' written and used by permission of Molly Shuvani, taken from 'The Space Between' (2019). 'Sign On The Road' written by Kaleb Hikele, used by permission of The Sun Harmonic, taken from 'It's All Okay, Thanks To You' (2020). 'Fell Upon Trying Times' written and used by permission of Sven Sauber. 'Rebecca' written by Philipp Saner, used by permission of Silent Neighbor, taken from 'Tired Of Your Smile' (2020). 'Tout Va Bien' written and used by permission of Guiding Lights, taken from 'OK For Now' (2019). 'Narchaeologist' written by Braidel, used by permission of Tin Pan Parade, taken from 'Braidel' (2020). 'Lost In Space' written by Chloe Plancoulaine, used by permission of Francis', taken from 'The Loss' (2020). 'Do My Shoes Offend You' written and used by permission of Fieves, taken from 'Ignorance Was Bliss' (2019).


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