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The Remedies

by Various Artists



THE REMEDIES is the third compilation that Aldora Britain Records has released since Covid-19 arrived on the shores of Great Britain. Hopefully it will give some a momentary respite from all the chaos and the fright caused by the coronavirus. Music is a great healer.

This collection of songs is a bit different from our usual output. Yes, the albums are always varied and eclectic but, most commonly, AB Records puts out music that could be described as 'roots' in one way or another. This is not exclusive but I often put out alt country, blues, soul, folk etc. This time around there is only a smattering of these genres and the remaining songs are much heavier. There is lots of fuzzy garage rock, psychobilly, punk rock, blues rock and some hard rock too.

We see the return of Grant Nesmith's cosmic Americana and more stuff from Caretaker Studios in the form of Simon Mason. There is also some indie pop from Kicks of The East and Best Mann, hard and heavy funky soul from Dana Gehrman, psychobilly from Running From Daylight, blues rock and roll from Five Bluesmen, punk rock from Wild Zeros, alternative rock from Of Shadows and Light, garage rock from The Buzzdealers, hard rock from Black Bone Nation, western noir from Run Coyote, progressive rock from Pete Haydon, country folk from Genni Kane, dark pop from Melting Palms, and folk punk from Dark Bottle.

What a mix!

I hope you enjoy and it brings you some happiness in these dark times... stay at home and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Tom @ AB Records


released March 31, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork shot in Edinburgh in early 2018. This album is dedicated to all the Covid-19 victims worldwide. 'MCO' written by Nate Mondschein, used by permission of Best Mann, taken from '...And The Sky' (2019). 'Night Rider' written by Sam Allen and Amanda Grant, used by permission of Run Coyote, taken from 'Shadowlands' (2019). 'Hell Or High Water' written by Gehrman and Orr, used by permission of Dana Gehrman, taken from 'Find A Way' (2019). 'Who's Gonna Save My Roll' written by The Buzzdealers, used by permission of Zannis Psilopoulos, taken from 'Blooming' (2020). 'Mary Jane' written by Running From Daylight, used by permission of Running From Daylight, taken from 'Elvis Ain't Dead' (2018). 'Jet Girl Is Gone' written by Simon Mason, used by permission of Phil Sorrell, taken from 'Caretaker Studios Compilation Album 2016-2020' (2020). 'Tuomas The Taffel Robber' written by Donald Lupo, used by permission of Dark Bottle, taken from 'Pimee Pullo' (2019). 'Abyss' written by Mike Krumhorn, used by permission of Melting Palms, taken from 'Abyss' (2020). 'Bare Facts' written by Wild Zeros, used by permission of Wild Zeros, taken from 'Well Cooked!' (2019). 'Mercury' written by Grant Nesmith, used by permission of Grant Nesmith, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. 'Only Got Me To Lose' written by Pete Haydon, R.L. Jones and Joe Ireland, used by permission of Pete Haydon, taken from 'My Relentless Dead' (2019). 'Born To Rock' written by Zakk Styles, used by permission of Black Bone Nation, taken from 'Born To Rock' (2020). 'The Queen And The Ace' written by Five Bluesmen, used by permission of Francois Mourot, taken from 'Five Seasons Of Blues' (2018). 'Am I Still Alive?' written by Angelo Pitone, used by permission of OSAL, taken from 'Visions' (2019). 'Dark Heat' written by Kicks Of The East, used by permission of Charles Nicholas James, taken from 'Midnight Heat' (2019). 'Dust & Bones' written by Genni Kane, used by permission of Genni Kane, taken from 'Songs From The Kitchen Table'.


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