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The Muskrat Mud Shuffle Shuffles On

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #110

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents The Muskrat Mud Shuffle Shuffles On, a collection of 26 eclectic musical selections from all around the globe. This week's title is taken from the Daniel Young composition 'Muskrat Mud Shuffle', the opening song from his most recent LP, The World Ain't Gonna Wait. The title track from that record, a superb slice of cosmic country rock, is included here.

We welcome back several familiar faces this week. Hell Nation Army return with their loud and raucous crunching speed punk, and Faster Than Light juxtapose this perfectly with their unforgettable pop rock hooks. Tommy Romero give us soul-inclined rockabilly revival, and The Nautical Theme bring an ambient take on alternative folk music. There is also the jangly college pop of The Persian Leaps, Snow Wolf Records contribute the heavy fuzz metal of Thumos, and 4000 Records are back with the post-classical avant experimentation of Shugorei.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Aberration (raucous Aussie pub rock).
Amy Thatcher (traditional accordion-centred folk).
Bad Bob Bates (swaggering boogie rock).
David Larkin (brilliant traditional Irish song).
Gareth Hughes (upbeat ragtime country jazz).
Haze & Dacey Collective (free-flowing tender indie folk).
I See Hawks In L.A. (autumnal Americana folk rock).
Jenner Fox (Appalachian country folk beauty).
Mike Hewlett & The Racket (soaring alternative country).
NIYONU (open-minded contemporary neo-soul).
Old Town Crier (swinging alternative country).
Ruth Saphir (free-roaming Americana folk rock).
Shaun Kelly And The Returned Gifts (songwriting powerpop perfection).
StanLei (consciously-minded alternative rap).
Super Buffet (punchy college rock).
Wallowa County Homemade Jam Band (mariachi old-time bluegrass).
Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves? (catchy rootsy indie folk).
Zack Zack Zack (deep noir-minded synthwave).


released November 26, 2021

This album is dedicated to Graeme Edge. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Brick' by Teodoro S. Gruhl, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-255).

Tracks 1-5:

'Don't Go' written by and used by permission of Old Town Crier, originally released on 'I'm Longing For You Honey In Middleboro, Mass' (2021). 'Shoes' written by Peter Bayard, used by permission of Super Buffet, originally released on 'Self Styled' (2021). 'The World Ain't Gonna Wait' written by and used by permission of Daniel Young, originally released on 'The World Ain't Gonna Wait' (2021). 'Jambalaya' written by Hank Williams, used by permission of Wallowa County Homemade Jam Band, originally released on 'New Recipe' (2021). 'Wake Up' written by and used by permission of StanLei, originally released on 'A.I.P.O.D. (Artist In Process Of Development)' (2021).

Tracks 6-10:

'Sit Down' written by and used by permission of NIYONU, originally released on 'Spirit Fall' (2021). 'Hannah' written by Kirsten Hazler, used by permission of HazyShade Productions, originally released on 'Letters From Gilead' (2021). 'Sundown In Santa Cruz' written by Chris Davison, used by permission of Bad Bob Bates, originally released on 'Deadbeat' (2020). 'El Loco' written by Creed, used by permission of Aberration, originally released on 'Tuckerbox' (2018). 'Robbery' written by and used by permission of Hell Nation Army, originally released on 'Robbery' (2017).

Tracks 11-15:

'One Man Up' written by and used by permission of Jenner Fox, originally released on 'Planet I'm From' (2021). 'Old Streets' written by and used by permission of Mike Hewlett & The Racket, originally released on 'Unreasonable Things' (2021). 'On Our Way' written by Waller / Lacques, used by permission of I See Hawks In L.A., originally released on 'On Our Way' (2021). 'Fancy Boy' written by Fullerton / Orlando, used by permission of Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves?, originally released on 'Hard Feelings' (2021). 'Hoe Down' written by and used by permission of Gareth Hughes, originally released on 'Some Folk Say' (2019).

Tracks 16-20:

'Black' written by and used by permission of Keith Lenn, originally released on 'Now We're Speaking French' (2017). 'From The Bottom To The Top' written by and used by permission of Tommy Romero, originally released on 'Everybody's Watchin'' (2021). 'Somewhere Just Okay (But Not Alright)' written by and used by permission of The Nautical Theme, originally released on 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed' (2021). 'Broken People' written by and used by permission of Shaun Kelly And The Returned Gifts, originally released on 'The Boy On The Bench' (2020). 'The Company She Keeps' written by and used by permission of Drew Forsberg, originally released on 'Drone Etiquette' (2021).

Tracks 21-25:

'Nee Musette, Pet' written by and used by permission of Amy Thatcher, originally released on 'Let What's In, Out' (2021). 'Sweet Marie' written by Percy French, used by permission of David Larkin, originally released on 'David Larkin Sings Percy French: With A Toot On The Flute And A Twiddle On The Fiddle!!!' (2020). 'Reach For The End Of The Rainbow' written by and used by permission of Ruth Saphir, originally released on 'The Little Things' (2009). 'Disco Traurig' written by and used by permission of Zack Zack Zack, originally released on 'Album 1' (2021). 'City Patterns' written by and used by permission of Shugorei originally released on 'Shugorei' (2021).

Track 26:

'The Virtues' written by Thumos, used by permission of Snow Wolf Records, EXCLUSIVE - PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED, to be released on 'The Republic' (2022).


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