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Sundown On Old Town

by Various Artists



Taster Compilation #35 SUNDOWN ON OLD TOWN

It has been a crazily busy week at Aldora Britain Records. We have now released two original, independent releases (Darren Tuck and Psykobilly) and also were in charge of putting out a compilation album for a different organisation (Mods of Your Generation). There is lots of stuff happening behind the scenes to bring you a few more originals records in July as well. It is all shaping up nicely. There is a feeling that AB Records might be taking another step in supporting authentic music and creating this global community that we all crave.

It has also been a week of protest and change in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the eradication of racism should not be a question, and we still live in unprecedented times with regards to Covid-19. That is where the name of this collection comes from. The sun is going down on an old world and old ways, and we are seeing a new world unfolding before us.

The content of the album is as diverse as ever. It is great to see two of our artists returning too, an example of our Community in action. There is the traditional Canadian feel of River Poets and the European southern rock of Luback. We also have an exclusive master from the experimental surf group, Josy & Pony, and two contributions from Scott Baker, one from his most recent record and a second from his 2007 collaboration with The Universal Expressions.

Dan Sidor, Dana Berry and Dimitris Papachristos, three individuals who have contributed to the ABR Community already, are making their first appearances too. Sidor puts forward some soulful rootsy rock with The Thread Barons, Berry has some heartfelt classic rock balladry with Night Herons, and Papachristos gives us some raw energy post-punk with Rollers Of Bedlam. Emma Gale has also previously been involved with charity work through our Facebook group. Her track, 'Let's See What The Earth Has To Say', is included here.

Brand new additions to our Community include the meaningful indie folk of Jon Fazal, the power punk rock of Electric Joey, and the continental neo-rockabilly of Tommy Romero. There is a further adventure in powerpop from Beretta 76, blue-eyed soul from Cado, and Americana alt country from Nicholas Rowe. The collection is rounded off with the bedroom DIY grunge of Bedsit, the modern alt rock of The Stone Eye, and some comical wallaby folk from Cultural Cringe.

Please enjoy and check out the individual artists. Money from this comp goes to building and developing AB Records, the Community and the weekly e-zine. Support independent music!

Thank you! Tom @ AB Records


released June 12, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork by Emma Prime and Tom Hilton, taken in Weston Super Mare, early 2019. This album is dedicated to Edie O'Hara's mother, our thoughts and prayers are with Edie and family. 'Plans Of Our Past' written by and used by permission of Jon Fazal, taken from 'News From Nowhere' (2020). 'Burning Bridges' written by Kade Kubena/Sidor/ThreadBarons, used by permission of Dan Sidor, taken from 'Songbook For The Weary' (2019). 'In The Shadows Of City' written by Electric Joey Hamel, used by permission of Electric Joey, taken from 'Reanimator' (2019). 'All Eyes' written by Mike Assenzio, used by permission of Dana Berry, taken from 'Heavy Swell' (2019). 'Till The Morning Comes' written by Tommy Romero, used by permission of Timo Heiniger, taken from 'Break The Rules' (2020). 'Blue Sky' written by Camille Escobedo/Peter Rydberg, used by permission of Beretta 76, taken from 'Blue Sky' (2020). 'Cause Of You' written by and used by permission of Cado, taken from 'Satisfy My Soul' (2019). 'Bourricos Picantos (Dan D'Ascenzo Master)' written by and used by permission of Josy & Pony, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE (2020). 'Lake Michigan' written by and used by permission of Nicholas Rowe, taken from 'Five Things' (2020). 'Day By Day' written by Baker, used by permission of Scott Baker, taken from 'Between Seasons' (2007). 'Darling Allison' written by River Poets/Guests, used by permission of Jo Johnson, taken from 'River Poets' (2020). 'Lucky Man' written by Christian Del Corral, used by permission of Cristian Del Corral Serrano, taken from 'The Deal' (2019). 'Let's See What The Earth Has To Say' written by Emma Gale, used by permission of Emma Kirkbride, taken from 'Let's See What The Earth Has To Say' (2020). 'Bedlam City' written by Rollers Of Bedlam, used by permission of Dimitris Papachristos, taken from 'Rollers Of Bedlam' (2020). 'Pocket Toy' written by Tom Hockney, used by permission of Bedsit, taken from 'Pocket Toy' (2020). 'Why Don't You Stay For Dinner?' written by and used by permission of The Stone Eye, taken from 'Ventura' (2020). 'Change For The Better' written by and used by permission of Scott Baker, taken from 'Hollowed Sighs' (2019). 'Me Best Mate's Missus' written by and used by permission of Cultural Cringe, taken from 'Cultural Cringe' (2020).


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