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Space Wolf Blues

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #113

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents Space Wolf Blues, a collection of 26 eclectic musical selections from all around the globe. This week, our title is a tribute to the memory of Chris Feinstein, record producer and former bassist in The Cardinals. He tragically passed away this week in 2009.

The collection welcomes back the tender and meaningful Americana of Josie Bello, and the fuzzy and expansive shoegaze beauty of Pam Risourie. We also feature the brilliant Stan Matthews again, who contributes his hard-working neo-traditional country. These Days PR introduce us to the grungy alt rock aggression of Stuffed Foxes, and 4000 Records return with the ambient and evolving field recordings of Lite Fails.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Beauregard Boys (old-time traditional bluegrass).
Chris Wahlman (mellow and bluesy folk rock).
Cold Head (avant-minded art pop rock).
Dan Woodman (epic storytelling troubadour folk).
Deedles & Company (American outlaw garage folk).
Fog Holler (good-time bluegrass shuffle).
Good's Gone (gritty indie neo-psychedelia).
Hans P. Kjorstad & Rasmus Kjorstad (Norwegian traditional folk).
I Am Not Lefthanded (piano-led post-grunge alt rock).
Jamie Williams * (honest and nostalgic lo-fi Americana).
Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective (funky rootsy swamp rock).
Jason Mirek (harmonica-infused Americana folk).
Joe's Cousin One Man Band (fuzzy and scuzzy electric blues).
Kim Yang (tender and kind contemporary folk).
Lilith Cage (90s Britpop-inspired new wave).
London Down (soaring college pop punk).
Mikel Onetwo (vintage-leaning rock and roll).
Nick Balaban (eclectic pop rock melting pot).
Skiffle Billy Cocktail (energetic and driving power-skiffle).
Smug Brothers (melodic and harmonic jangle pop).
Sophie Kay (French whistleblowing jazz blues).

* Solo recording from Jamie Williams of The Roots Collective, also featured here.


released December 17, 2021

This album is dedicated to the space wolf, Chris Feinstein. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Fractal Planets' by Piotr Siedlecki, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-270).

Tracks 1-5:

'Goodbye To Me' written by Rudy Vincents, used by permission of The Skiffle Billy Cocktail, originally released on 'The Centrifugal Charisma Of The Cowboy Cosmos & The Collapse Of Charlatan Chaos' (2016). 'Ain't Going To Get Me' written by and used by permission of Joe's Cousin One Man Band, originally released on 'Raw And Unfiltered' (2019). 'You Always Say The Wrong Thing' written by Winchester, used by permission of Mikel Onetwo, originally released on 'Rock 'N' Roll: Restless Legs And Headache' (2021). 'Tell Me Lies' written by Ryan Sams, used by permission of The Good's Gone, originally released on 'Tell Me Lies' (2021). 'Me And You' written by and used by permission of Lilith Cage, originally released on 'Shadows' (2021).

Tracks 6-10:

'With Me' written by and used by permission of Jason Mirek, originally released on 'Best Way To Be Free' (2021). 'Seemed Like You To Me' written by and used by permission of Smug Brothers, originally released on 'Application Of The Twig' (2021). 'Rising' written by and used by permission of Josie Bello, originally released on 'Resilience' (2021). 'The Greener Grass Shuffle' written by and used by permission of Fog Holler, originally released on 'Rocking In A Weary Land' (2020). 'Julian Assange Blues' written by and used by permission of Sophie Kay, originally released on 'Turbulent Blues' (2020).

Tracks 11-15:

'Dominoes' written by and used by permission of Yu-Ching Kim Yang, originally released on 'Brave' (2021). 'Jason & Leah' written by and used by permission of Dan Woodman, originally released on 'Earthdog' (2019). 'Red Hot & Raunchy' written by and used by permission of Jamie Williams, originally released on 'Do What You Love' (2020). 'Working Man's Blues' written by and used by permission of Stan Matthews, originally released on 'Truck Driving Man' (2017). 'Zumwalt Station' written by Dan DeGeest, used by permission of Deedles & Company, originally released on 'Llovelandd' (2020).

Tracks 16-20:

'Budokan' written by and used by permission of London Down, originally released on 'Dreamcrusher' (2021). 'Spirit Of The Beehive' written by Whelan / Stephens, used by permission of The Cold Head, originally released on 'Angels In The Attic' (2021). 'Return' written by Kathryn, used by permission of I Am Not Lefthanded, originally released on 'The Fire And The Sigh' (2012). 'Sinklarmarsjen' written by and used by permission of Hans P. Kjorstad / Rasmus Kjorstad, originally released on 'Kjaere Min Maur' (2020). 'Salt Dog Blues' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Beauregard Boys, originally released on 'Corde Cassee' (2019).

Tracks 21-25:

'Satisfied Man' written by and used by permission of C. Wahlman, originally released on 'Down The Road' (2020). 'Mama' written by and used by permission of Jamie Williams, originally released on 'Beautiful Dream' (2016). 'Death Of A Buffoon' written by and used by permission of Nick Balaban, originally released on 'Hello, Cruel World!' (2021). 'So Be It, Eternity' written by and used by permission of Pam Risourie, originally released on 'So Be It, Eternity' (2021). 'Sabotage' written by Stuffed Foxes, used by permission of These Days PR, originally released on 'Sabotage' (2021).

Track 26:

'On A Clear Day' written by Lite Fails, used by permission of 4000 Records, originally released on 'On A Clear Day / What The Bellbirds Were Saying' (2021).


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