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Panic Button!

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #47

This week's compilation of independent music from around the world is PANIC BUTTON! It is named after the brilliant exclusive track that we have been given from Proper's upcoming record. For the artwork, we wanted to have something bold and striking to go with the theme of 'panic'. I think we have achieved that, sorry if it startles anyone!

This week's collection is bookended by two compositions by Bill Ackerbauer. He opens the album with a track from The Insolent Willies and then returns to close with a song from his solo children's record. Both tracks show New Yorker, Ackerbauer, as a true disciple of old time country music.

We also have a number of friends returning this week. We have the aforementioned Proper who showcase their take on new wave and powerpop, the Confusionaires delivering their raucous neo-rockabilly, and Anthony Quails mesmerising us with his emotive folk storytelling. The Scatterlings, Edie O'Hara, and Lazy Eye also return and give us some Americana bluegrass, earthy blues rock, and vintage soul sound respectively. Electric Dreamers deliver some alternative indie rock and Christian Shields is our final returner with his unique and heavy take on glam rock.

The remaining artists are all fresh faces the Aldora Britain Records fanbase. There is blues rock and roll from Highwater, psychedelic roots rock from Robert Moses & The Harmony Crusaders, and concept album blues from Bill Magill. We then have the old time political folk of Cuchulain, the thrash soul of Pawn Painters, and the alternative neo-pop of Quent. Olivia Is A Ghost then give us some indie pop, Fire Valley Fire deliver us some hard and heavy rock, and Rantama bring us progressive rock. Witch In Hawaii play us out with some boundary-pushing space rock.

Enjoy, download and support AB Records, dig deep with the bands you discover, and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!


released September 11, 2020

This album is dedicated to Walter Lure, a punk godfather. Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records. Artwork by Tom Hilton, September 2020. 'Poor Devil' written by and used by permission of Bill Ackerbauer, taken from 'Mostly Harmless Acoustic Mayhem' (2020). 'This Time' written by Highwater, used by permission of Hampus Eneroth, taken from 'Rising' (2018). 'Find Out Or Fit In' written by and used by permission of Robert Moses & The Harmony Crusaders, taken from 'Plutonic Friends' (2018). 'Blue Enough For Two' written by The Confusionaires, used by permission of Fat Dave Johnston, taken from 'From The Headache To The Heartache' (2020). 'She's My Babe' written by and used by permission of Bill Magill, taken from 'Last Night At The Ha-Ra' (2018). 'As Long As I'm With You' written by and used by permission of Anthony Quails, taken from 'The Man I Thought I'd Never Be' (2020). 'In My House' written by and used by permission of Cuchulain Kelly, taken from 'Cuchulain' (2017). 'Fire And Whiskey' written by and used by permission of Elfy Kornfeld, taken from 'The Scatterlings' (2017). 'Luscious Red Tomato' written by and used by permission of Edie O'Hara, taken from 'Truth Of The Heart' (2012). 'Can We Still Be Friends' written by Graf/Whetter, used by permission of Erica Graf, taken from 'Whisky & Gin' (2019). 'Drifting' written by and used by permission of Pawn Painters, taken from 'Under The Sun' (2020). 'Panic Button' written by Proper, used by permission of Ivano Bonfanti, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE (2020). 'Dancing Girls' written by Veit Konig/Lars Christian Schmidt, used by permission of Lars Schmidt, taken from 'Quent' (2020). 'Europa' written by and used by permission of Olivia Is A Ghost, taken from 'People Talking At The Movies' (2019). 'Here' written by Electric Dreamers, used by permission of Alex Armand Moushegian, taken from 'The Broken Outlet' (2020). 'Jack & Maggie' written by and used by permission of Fire Valley Fire, taken from 'FVF II' (2019). 'Rock And Roll' written by Christian Shields, used by permission of Christopher McSorley, taken from 'This Is Rock 'N' Roll' (2020). 'A Small Blink Of Light' written by Timo Rantama, used by permission of Rantama, taken from 'Rantama' (2020). 'Lost Space Dimension' written by Witch In Hawaii, used by permission of Hugo Coquet, taken from 'Wrong Place' (2020). 'Ballad Of A Lawn Gnome' written by and used by permission of Bill Ackerbauer, taken from 'Chicken Milk & Other Mysteries' (2020).


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