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On A Rainy Night In Croydon

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #104

This week, we present to you ON A RAINY NIGHT IN CROYDON, 25 hand-selected musical gems from around the world. The album shares its names with Trambeat's contribution, a band that we have enjoyed collaborating with, featuring on compilations, and playing on the radio. Unfortunately, the band lost a brother in bandmate Robin Ogleby earlier this year. This release is dedicated to his memory. The track itself, 'On A Rainy Night In Croydon', actually features Ogleby on the saxophone, a new wave soul stormer and a fitting tribute.

We welcome back several other good friends as well. Anthony Harrison, that ol' bastard from Carolina, returns to open proceedings with his old-time garage country. We also have a contribution from the mighty Big Stir Records. This week, we venture back to Chris Church's 2017 album, Limitations Of Source Tape, and present his unforgettable melodically-minded pop rock. Yet another side project of the Ordinary 5 appears in the form of The Swell Crusade's superb driving college rock, and there is no holding John O'Sullivan back with his indie folk rock songwriting.

Elsewhere, Scratch Buffalo contribute their strutting garage punk, and we have the nostalgic jangly post-punk of Skaema and the jazz-inclined prog songwriting of The Curator. There is neo-traditional English folk from Henry Parker, blues-tinged classic rock from The Dead Show Dealers, and tenderly-crafted art pop from Dave Ruder. Zhir Vengersky gives us punky minimalistic new wave and Miss Parker wows us with a static cold wave explosion.

And it keeps getting better! We have the huge anthemic post-punk of Nothingtown, the endlessly roaming shoegaze of Bantam Lyons, and the lovingly-crafted indie folk of Calvin Thomas. There is contemporary sophisti pop from Nick Hamlyn, progressive indie pop from Mexican Middle Class, and expansive dreamy pop from Stacking Pennies. Canid look back at their nation's relationship with aboriginal peoples with their alternative noise rock, and Fuzz & Mighty deliver their primal fuzzy punk.

There is straight-up DIY punk from Stuck On 45, DIY emo experimentation from Grandma Go, and progressive alternative musings from Limite. Scottish songwriter AJ McLovely concludes the album with her folk pop beauty. A special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records each and every week. You are the beating heart of our worldwide community. Have a great week and see you next time.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


released October 17, 2021

This album is dedicated to Robin Ogleby. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Blurred Background' by CC0 Community, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-239). 'Backburner Boy' written by and used by permission of Anthony Harrison, originally released on 'Garage Country' (2021). 'Sugar, Shake A Freak' written by Chris Naish, used by permission of Scratch Buffalo, originally released on 'Strawberry Soda' (2019). 'Walk With Me' written by Phillips / Gooch, used by permission of Skaema, originally released on 'Black Sky Thinking' (2021). 'On A Rainy Night In Croydon' written by and used by permission of Trambeat, originally released on 'On A Rainy Night In Croydon' (2021). 'Pollyanna's Going Dark' written by Chris Church, used by permission of Big Stir Records, originally available on 'Limitations Of Source Tape' (2017). 'You Can't Make Me' written by The Swell Crusade, used by permission of Ordinary 5, originally released on 'Blue Skies All The Way' (2019). 'We Go Down' written by Alistair Murphy, used by permission of The Curator, originally released on 'All Lombard Street To A China Orange' (2021). 'Travelling For A Living' written by and used by permission of Henry Parker, originally released on 'Lammas Fair' (2021). 'Vertigo' written by and used by permission of The Dead Show Dealers, originally released on 'The Dead Show Dealers' (2020). 'Black Rain' written by and used by permission of John O'Sullivan, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2021). 'To Stay Alive' written by and used by permission of Dave Ruder, originally released on 'Not Great' (2021). 'Minneapolis' written by and used by permission of Zhir Vengersky, originally released on 'Workforce To The World' (2021). 'Men In Suits' written by and used by permission of Miss Parker, originally released on 'The Machine' (2021). 'The Fall' written by Alex Camacho / Javier Moreno, used by permission of Nothingtown, originally released on 'Nobody Sleeps' (2021). 'Pintor' written by and used by permission of Bantam Lyons, originally released on 'Mardell' (2021). 'Little Stirrup Cay' written by and used by permission of Calvin Thomas, originally released on 'October Sky' (2019). 'Rising Sun' written by Cathy Hamlyn, used by permission of Nick Hamlyn, originally released on 'The Rainstick Home Recordings' (2021). 'American Dreamer' written by Jose Maria Altuzar, used by permission of Mexican Middle Class, originally released on 'Dreaming Of Inventing' (2021). 'Pretender' written by and used by permission of Stacking Pennies, also used by permission of Look Up Records, originally released on 'With Good Friends' (2021). 'Double Dealer' written by and used by permission of Fuzz & Mighty, originally released on 'No Wave At All' (2020). '45 (Ghost Mix)' written by and used by permission of Canid, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2021). 'Vinyl Addiction' written by and used by permission of Stuck On 45, originally released on 'RPM' (2020). 'Starboy' written by and used by permission of Grandma Go, originally released on 'This Human Is Crying In The Shower' (2021). 'The Inside' written by Jordi Cassagne, used by permission of Limite, originally released on 'Mountains Inside' (2020). 'Hold On' written by AJ Mclovely, used by permission of John Payne, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2021).


all rights reserved



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