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Off The Wall

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #108

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents Off The Wall, a collection of 25 eclectic musical selections from all around the globe. The title this week is a reference to Charlton Lane's contribution, 'On The Wall'. This track is an adventure into sci-fi dance punk weirdness!

Alongside Charlton Lane, we welcome back several other old friends this week. We have Rowdy Yates (member of Running Wi' Scissors) who gives us a taste of raspy Scottish traditional folk, and Gearedmah returns with his hard and heavy take on post-grunge. There is also the neo-psychedelic folk rock of Cimrya Deal, the dirty and fuzzy heavy psych of Halo Noose, and the relentless banjo punk of Dark Bottle.

This week also sees us begin our partnership with Brisbane's endlessly eclectic 4000 Records. Edgar Hurley comes forth with his lo-fi indie folk meanderings. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Have a brilliant weekend!

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Air Cool Jenny (rollicking bluegrass alt country).
Anna Byaaz (ambient new wave house).
Bass Over Apex (lo-fi post-punk jazz).
Chad Wolfe (raucous traditional Irish jigs).
Civic Duty * (fuzzy alternative rock adventures).
Ed Fitzgerald (rootsy cosmic Americana roadrunner).
Gazoline (anthemic French-Canadian synthpop).
IX Reflections (swirling electro rock perfection).
Johanna Rose (melancholic contemporary indie folk).
Joyce & David (traditional fiddle-based music).
Lo-Priestess (mellow jazz-inclined odyssey).
Mary Lou Fulton (sorrowful Americana country folk).
Misha Seeff (tender-hearted autumnal indie folk).
Sara Binet (strong and empowering pop jazz).
Solemn Shapes (new wave dark electro).
Super Massive (funk-touched electro rock and roll).
Unseen Underground (explosive melodic pop punk).
Whities (French-language electro-tinged pop).

* Civic Duty is a side project of Ed Fitzgerald.


released November 12, 2021

This album is dedicated to Everett Morton. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Graffiti Wall Background' by Karen Arnold, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-248).

Tracks 1-5:

'Pissin' On The Moon' written by Helen Rose / Kramer Sanguinetti, used by permission of Air Cool Jenny, originally released on 'First Flight' (2021). 'Jessica' written by and used by permission of Gazoline, originally released on 'Gazoline III' (2021). 'On The Wall' written by and used by permission of Chris Mitchard, originally released on 'On The Wall' (2021). 'April Haze' written by and used by permission of Misha Seeff, originally released on 'Dreamhaven' (2021). 'My Precious One' written by and used by permission of Rowdy Yates, originally released on 'Mercy And Kindness' (2021).

Tracks 6-10:

'Black Summer' written by and used by permission of Whities, originally released on 'I'm Whities' (2021). 'Oklahoma Road' written by Fitzgerald / Koller, used by permission of Ed Fitzgerald, originally released on 'In These Hills' (2017). 'Route 666' written by D. Cremer, used by permission of Bass Over Apex, originally released on 'Bass Over Apex' (2021). 'Sleight Of Hand' written by Scott Radway / Gina LC, used by permission of Lo-Priestess, originally released on 'How'd Your Bones Break?' (2021). 'Manipulator' written by and used by permission of Sara Binet, originally released on 'Black Ice' (2021).

Tracks 11-15:

'Sometimes' written by Edgar Hurley, used by permission of 4000 Records, originally released on 'The Blame Needs A Place' (2021). 'Electra Blue' written by and used by permission of Ed Fitzgerald, originally released on 'Icon' (2021). 'Time To Go' written by and used by permission of Sean Battle, originally released on 'Highly Derivative' (2021). 'Never Part' written by Alex, used by permission of IX Reflections, originally released on 'Fragile Border' (2021). 'Might Have Been' written by and used by permission of Mary Lou Fulton, originally released on 'We'll Tell Stories' (2021).

Tracks 16-20:

'Can't Find Words' written by and used by permission of Cimrya Deal, originally released on 'The Barn Sessions' (2021). 'Time I Borrowed' written by and used by permission of Johanna Rose, originally released on 'Lunar Eclipse' (2021). 'Munchkin Maids Of Castlebar (Clog In Eb / Cottonwoods / Reel De Montebello / Maids Of Castlebar)' written by and used by permission of Chad Wolfe, originally released on 'Clogs & Jogs & Reels... Oh My! (2020). 'Cabin Fever' written by David Aks / Gordon Duncan / Traditional, used by permission of Joyce & David, originally released on 'New Roads' (2021). 'Trip' written by Anna Byaaz / Pawl Konikiewicz, used by permission of Anna Byaaz, originally released on 'Universe' (2021).

Tracks 21-25:

'Ain't Easy' written by G. Abbott / M. Hamilton-Smith, used by permission of Super Massive, originally released on 'Super Massive' (2019). 'Haunted' written by and used by permission of Unseen Underground, originally released on 'Haunted' (2021). 'Animalism' written by Scott Sunset / Melanie Foxfire, used by permission of Solemn Shapes, originally released on 'Animalism' (2021). 'Blindman' written by and used by permission of Stuart Morrish, originally released on 'The Druid EP' (2021). 'Cop Killer' written by Ice T / Body County, used by permission of Dark Bottle, originally released as a B-side (2021).


all rights reserved



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