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New Music For A New Decade

by Various Artists



It's been a few weeks but here's a new AB Records compilation to see in the new year and the new decade. Richard Lucas and Kerry Pastine are back again alongside ten other previously unfeatured artists. We have the pop of Eddie Japan and The Silent Boys, the indie rock of Ryan Newton and Mace Avam, the roots music of Nathan Seeckts and Ryan Chrys, the blues of Katie Knipp and Jenny Wren, the folk of Frantically Atlantic, and the Britpop of From Constellation. What a way to see in a new decade!

It's been a pleasure showcasing the underground and independent artists that we have over the last couple of months, and we can't wait to transmit more next year. There's certainly plenty more music that needs heard!


Tom @ AB Records


released December 26, 2019

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Album title from Mark Mortimer. Cover art by Tom Hilton. This album is for Macy and Malcolm Hilton. Track 1 written Richard Lucas, used by permission of Richard Lucas, originally released as a single. Track 2 written by David Santos, used by permission of David Santos, originally released on 'The Amorous Adventures Of Eddie Japan' EP. Track 3 written by Mark Richardson, used by permission of Kerry Pastine, taken from the 'City Of Love' album. Track 4 written by Wallace Dietz, used by permission of The Silent Boys, taken from the album 'By The Light Of The Moon' album. Track 5 written by Ryan Newton, used by permission of Ryan Newton, taken from the 'Casting Shadows (On The Heels Of Tomorrow)' album. Track 6 written by Mace Avam, used by permission of Mace Avam, taken from the 'Hot Dads' EP. Track 7 written by Nathan Seeckts, used by permission of Nathan Seeckts, taken from the 'Heart Of The City' album. Track 8 written by Ryan Chrys/The Rough Cuts, used by permission of Ryan Chrys, taken from the 'Western Abyss' album. Track 9 written by Katie Knipp, used by permission of Katie Knipp, taken from the 'Take It With You' album. Track 10 written by Gallon, used by permission of Jenny Wren, taken from the 'Girl On The Bike (Are You The Girl On The Bike?' album. Track 11 is a traditional composition, used by permission of Frantically Atlantic, taken from the 'Maggie In The Woods' album, recorded by Maritimes Music in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada. Track 12 written by From Constellation, used by permission of From Constellation, taken from the 'Jack Beauregard' album.


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