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I Don't Sing For You

by Various Artists



'I Don't Sing For You' is the thirteenth independent and underground music compilation from Aldora Britain Records. It's taken a little longer to get this one put together but I firmly believe this is reflected in the quality of the tunes. Once again, a heady mix of classic styles reimagined in a modern way, this album is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

The album sees the return of four artists who have previously collaborated with AB Records: the outlaw country cowboys, Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts; the up and coming raw blues queen, Katie Knipp; the Canadian Irish folk supremoes, Frantically Atlantic; and the French Britpop revivalists, From Constellation. To compliment this superb selection we have ten brand new artists that are all extremely worthy of this album...

The sophisti pop blue-eyed soul crossover of Doctor Bird to kickstart the album, the soulful heartland Americana of JDR & The Broadcast, the psychedelic glam rock excursion of Ulysses, the psychedelia-crafted blues experiment of Phil Matthews A.K.A. The Village, the brooding and building college rock of House & Hawk, the acoustic indie folk balladry of Luke Fairhead, the raucous and pounding bluegrass folk of the River Poets, the jazzed-up swinging soul of Lazy Eye, and the dreamy alternative pop rock of Grey Star Ghost.

The album's title comes from the Katie Knipp track that is featured. I feel it's a great title for a compilation of independent songs; they don't sing for the majority, they sing for the minority of true music lovers. Thank you, Katie.

Last but not least, this album is also the very first to feature a track from Direct Records, a label that we will be working with again on future albums and we are very excited to do so. Thank you to Colin and Bobby for providing us with a shining opener in that Doctor Bird track!

Enjoy and play it very, very loud!

Tom @ AB Records


released February 7, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork adapted from a photograph of the Great Central Railway, Rothley Stop, February 2020. This album is dedicated to Shaun Herrity. 'There's No Fool (Like An Old Fool)' written by Bobby Tarlton, used by permission of Colin Swan, taken from the 'Bedtime Stories' album (2018). 'Jesse James' written by JDR/The Broadcast, used by permission of JDR & The Broadcast, taken from the 'No Winning Hands' album (2020). 'It Don't Bother Me' written by Michael Weiskopf, used by permission of Michael Weiskopf, taken from the 'Lost In Amerika: 9 1/2 Stories' album (2018). 'Let's Move' written by Luke Smith/Ulysses, used by permission of Ulysses, taken from the 'On Safari' album (2019). 'No Leash No Chain' written by Ryan Chrys/The Rough Cuts, used by permission of Ryan Chrys, taken from the 'Western Abyss' album (2019). 'I Don't Sing For You' written by Katie Knipp, used by permission of Katie Schmidt, taken from the 'Take It With You' album (2018). 'Phil's Blues' written by Phil Matthews, used by permission of Phil Matthews, taken from the 'Winds Of Change' album (2019). 'You Leave Me No Choice' written by House & Hawk, used by permission of Steve Neinhauser, taken from the 'Pure Emotion' EP (2020). 'Captains' written by Luke Fairhead, used by permission of Luke Fairhead, taken from the 'Hinterland' EP. 'Lumpy Got Tight' written by Daigle/Rigley, used by permission of Michelle Daigle, taken from the 'Frantically Atlantic' album (2018). 'River Poets' written by River Poets, used by permission of River Poets, taken from the 'River Poets' EP (2020). 'Game Over' written by Graf/Whetter, used by permission of Lazy Eye, taken from the 'Whisky & Gin' album (2019). 'It Would Be True' written by From Constellation, used by permission of Julien Buys, taken from the 'Jack Beauregard' album (2019). 'Tomorrow' written by Jacob Tucker, used by permission of Jacob Tucker, taken from the 'Silence Found' album (2020).


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