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The 22nd Aldora Britain Records compilation album, HOME, released 25th March 2020. I truly hope this brings you all some respite from the chaos and the frightening circumstances that we all find ourselves in. Remember, stay at home and stay safe, please.

The album features the return of Canadian country and western and folk rock singer, Steven Palmer. Yes, this is the man that opened for The Who in their 60s heyday, well worth checking out. I'm also proud to collaborate with Sean Woosley on this project. The prolific Ohio singer-songwriter and artist contributed two tracks, one from his recent project with the Woosley Band and one from his 2004 alt rock project, The Fierce Lime and His Ponytail Assassins.

I am also happy to bring you thirteen further independent or underground artists. Including the Celtic blues of Matt Steady; the alternative country of Lynsey Moon and LPA Songs; the punk rock of Sacred Owls; the indie folk of Pavey Ark; the indie rock of The Vanille and Theatre Royal; the indie jazz of Andy Pratt; the alternative rock of The Tino Band and Terry Finch; and the folk rock of Ben Avison, The James Yeadon Band and Sue Decker. Another heady mix!

Enjoy, stay safe and stay home!

Best wishes,

Tom @ AB Records


released March 25, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork taken in Glasgow in 2018. This album is dedicated to Italy. 'The Waiting' written by Matt Steady, used by permission of Matt Steady, taken from 'Chasing Down Wolves' (2020). 'Cold Charity' written by Burgess/Wilkinson/Theatre Royal, used by permission of Theatre Royal, taken from 'Singles 2010-18' (2019). 'She's Gonna Stay' written by Lynsey Moon, used by permission of Lynsey Moon, taken from 'Tethers' (2019). 'I Hope That You Find Love' written by Woosley Band, used by permission of Sean Woosley, taken from 'I Hope That You Find Love' (2019). 'Hollow Girl' written by LPA Songs, used by permission of Laurence Petre Allen, taken from 'About Time...' (2020). 'Rolling Down To Memphis' written by S. Palmer, used by permission of Stephen Hardy Palmer, taken from 'From Here To Nashville' (2003). 'God Only Gives You So Many Drinks' written by Andy Pratt, used by permission of Andy Pratt, taken from 'Further Disruption' (2018). 'Little Glass House' written by The James Yeadon Band, used by permission of The James Yeadon Band, taken from 'Don't Need Sun To Shine' (2020). 'Breaking Out' written by Neil Stephen Thomas, used by permission of Pavey Ark, taken from 'Close Your Eyes And Think Of Nothing' (2020). 'Lay Me Down In The Indigo' written by S. Decker, used by permission of Sue Decker, taken from 'Outskirts Of Love' (2019). 'Carry You' written by Martin Beek/Ben Avison/Robin Christensen-Marriott, used by permission of Ben Avision, taken from 'Lovers Leap' (Unreleased). 'Sunset Over London' written by Terry Finch, used by permission of Terry Finch, taken from 'People And Places' (2019). 'Good Gal With A Gun' written by Sacred Owls, used by permission of Sacred Owls, taken from 'Beware' (2020). 'Too Cool For School' written by TV, used by permission of The Vanille, taken from 'Ville Hantee' (2019). 'Ghost' written by Martin Wilkinson, used by permission of Tino Wilkie, taken from 'Sunshine Rattlesnake' (2018). 'Burning White Light' written by Sean Woosley, used by permission of Sean Woosley, taken from 'Modify The Engines' (2004).


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