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Don't Want You To Go: A Collection Of Independent Music In Support Of Mental Health Awareness

by Various Artists



Tom Hilton, Aldora Britain Records:

"Mental health is something that will affect everybody over the course of their lifetime. Some will talk about it and some will bury it away, burying it away can be a very dangerous course. This collection of music is an attempt to use the power of music to open a discussion. We want more people to become aware of the help that is out there and to support these vital lifelines. In this case, we will be donating to MIND, a British-based charity devoted to improving people's mental health. There is always someone who will listen."

"I would like to dedicate this album to Abby Young, Tom Knights and Scott Hutchison. Abby, Tom and Scott all lost their fight with mental health. Abby was a girl I went to school with, I will never forget her funeral. Seeing all my old schoolmates at a funeral when we were all aged just 21/22 was a harrowing experience. Tom was the frontman of The Mono Poly's, a band I worked with extensively in Aldora Britain Records' initial run. An amazing talent with such artistic flair. Scott was the band leader of Frightened Rabbit, one of my favourite local groups whilst I was growing up. Their albums left a lasting impression on me. Three amazing personalities that were lost before their times. Rest in peace, this one is for you."

Bill Newton*, Psykobilly:

*Bill also works as a Community Mental Health Nurse.

"Is there anything more important than mental health?"

"Well, we need oxygen to breathe, food and water to nourish our bodies, warmth to survive these harsh winters. Feeling safe is important, as is a sense of belonging. These are our basic, fundamental needs and are essential to everyone's ability to function and survive. But is functioning and surviving our sole aspiration in our journey through life? 'No', I hear you say, 'What about love, humility, justice, helping others, self-esteem, self-worth and, ultimately, self-actualisation. We don't want to just survive, we want to flourish. We want to feel fulfilled."

"And while these things are attainable to many of us, there is one thing we need in order to achieve them: good mental health."

"Mental health is something ALL OF US have. It is what adds colour, passion and meaning to our lives. We have physical health because we have bodies, ergo we have mental health because we are sentient beings who think and, perhaps more importantly, feel. Having worked as a mental health professional for over thirty years, I have helped, treated, supported, loved, and done battle with thousands of people who have needed help with their mental health. These people are all very different from each other but they all have one thing in common: thoughts and feelings that cause distress, anxiety, confusion, self-criticism, even self-loathing. The other thing these people have in common is a sense of amazement that others might be experiencing these same things."

"But of course, we all do. If there is one person who has never experienced a self-critical or negative thought about themselves which in turn has resulted in either poor decision making or unhelpful behaviour, please let me know. I won't be holding my breath though..."

"What I'm getting at is this: that irrespective of social class, background, colour, creed, culture, size, shape and sexual orientation, we are all pretty much the same when it comes to mental health. We all have it. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad and at these times, some of us need a bit of help and support."

"MIND are a mental health charity working hard to support people during these difficult times. MIND provide advice and support to everyone with a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding and won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. You will have heard of MIND but probably aren't aware that they celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2016 and are older than the NHS. This album and all profits made from it will go directly to them. So please buy it. Discover brilliant new music at a ridiculously low price and help a deserving charity at the same time."

"Because a life without music is also a life without colour, passion and meaning."


released November 29, 2020

This album is dedicated to Abby Young, Tom Knights and Scott Hutchison.

Special thanks to MIND, all these ABR artists, Bill Newton and Rik Bardsley. This project would not have happened without you.

Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-93).

Artwork by Rik Bardsley of Lucky Bag Show and Tip Top Pop Show.

Tracks 1-10:

'Don't Want You To Go' written by Wild Horse, used by permission of Jack and Henry Baldwin. 'Days Go By' written by Marshall/O'Donovan, used by permission of Tony Marshall. 'Happier Tomorrow' written by Dead Perennials, used by permission of Matt Haynie. 'Tell Me' written by and used by permission of Matthew Frederick. 'Am I Still Alive?' written by and used by permission of Angelo Pitone. 'Believe Me' written by Chevette/Jarvis, used by permission of Brian Haddon. 'Let Me Begin With You' written by and used by permission of Sue Decker. 'Birdsong' written by and used by permission of Sam Kaiser. 'The View From An English Afternoon' written by and used by permission of Simon Bristoll. 'Identity Crisis' written by and used by permission of Terry Finch.

Tracks 11-20:

'Nightslasher' written by General B. Strangelove/Stormtroopers Of Love, used by permission of Bjorn Bue Houmand and Kasper Wedel Jensen. 'Albuquerque' written by Kip Powell, used by permission of Arroyo Rogers. 'Lovers Love, Lovers Leave' written by The Naked Sun, used by permission of Andrew Wesley Harris. 'Hillbilly Bomb Shelter' written by Manganista, used by permission of Matt Rhea. 'Teeth' written by Cocoon Fire, used by permission of Felix Heklau. 'Somnis De Plastic' written by Atomic Leopards, used by permission of Santi Lluch Ximene. 'Come Home (Live Mix)' written by Toby Watson/The Lamplight Club, used by permission of Toby Watson. 'Ever Widening Circles' written by Megan Howard/Ryan Oyer, used by permission of Ryan Oyer. 'Friday The 13th' written by The Lost Dolls, used by permission of Matt Gray. 'Lincoln Avenue' written by and used by permission of Andy Pratt.

Tracks 21-30:

'Lerwick' written by Donegan/Sorrell, used by permission of John Donegan. 'The Dreamcatcher Of Shelley Street' written by and used by permission of John F. Hill. 'Little Marie' written by Five Bluesmen, used by permission of Francois Mourot. 'I Got Pain' written by The Twangy & Tom Trio, used by permission of Philippe Phil Twangy Georges. 'Stop Me' written by Bassom/Forsyth, used by permission of Paul Bassom. 'Random Brandon' written by and used by permission of Phil Matthews. 'Riot On The Cemetery Street' written by and used by permission of Valery Kovalev. 'Hooks In Me' written by Chickenstones, used by permission of Phillip Van Rooyen. 'The Same And Far Away' written by Erin O'Neill, used by permission of Erin Etorama. 'Rise Up' written by Mr B & The Wolf, used by permission of Vince Henry.

Tracks 31-40:

'The Dust Settled' written by Daniel Young, used by permission of Dan Buehner. 'Daylight' written by and used by permission of Erin Sliney. 'Home' written by Atomic Papas, used by permission of Nicola Guidi. 'Slap That Bottom' written by Hettie LaBombe, used by permission of Dunken Francis. 'Rapture In The Rain' written by and used by permission of Michael Judge and Juliet Forshaw. 'Seein' Lines' written by B.R. Mount/The Doubt, used by permission of Brendon Mount. 'Something Had A Hold On Me' written by Holte/Capoferri, used by permission of Jackson Holte. 'Where's Joe Strummer?' written by and used by permission of Wallace Dietz. 'I Am' written by and used by permission of Martin Wilkinson. 'Suffer In Silence' written by and used by permission of Ben Reel.

Tracks 41-50:

'Are U Sleeping Maggie' is a traditional arrangement, used by permission of Bronco Hutchings and Gary Shail. 'Sparrows In The Street' written by and used by permission of Marshall Sidbury. 'Summer Rain' written by and used by permission of Dana Berry. 'Forever' written by and used by permission of Stephen Hardy Palmer. 'Now I'm Gone' by Mark McCrite/Lynsey Moon, used by permission of Lynsey Moon. 'Autophobic' written by and used by permission of Jamie McKay. 'Cherrywood Skies' written by and used by permission of Joel Rogers. . 'What Have You Got To Lose' written by and used by permission of Sven Sauber. 'Isn't It A Pity' written by and used by permission of Darren Tuck. 'Live' written by and used by permission of Stan Matthews

Bonus tracks:

'The Heart Is Not A Compass (The MIND Mix)' written by and used by permission of Bill Newton. 'Opioid / Chimes Of Freedom' written by Michael Weiskopf and Bob Dylan, used by permission of Michael Weiskopf.


all rights reserved



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