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Be One

by Various Artists



With the world heading into lockdown, quarantine and social distancing, this is what we all need right now. A bit of rock, a bit of roll, a bit of swing, a bit of pop, a bit of punk, a bit of blues, a bit of country. A bit of everything. Music gets people through tough times and now isn't any different. Through the next few months we hope to carry on bringing out new independent music compilations every 5-7 days and hopefully our e-zine output will match. I hope it will provide people with some sort of respite and a momentary distraction from the seriousness of the situation. Now's the time to spread music, now's the time to spread happiness, now's the time to be one. Enjoy and stay safe. To any of our fans that are currently ill, I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Best wishes,

Tom @ AB Records

'BE ONE' features...

A hugely satisfying blend of country, soul and funk from Pete Cullen and The Hurt. A rip-roaring in-your-face blues workout from the Electric Blues Collective. A punk rock blitzkrieg with overtones of Lemmy Kilmister from The Chris Rolling Squad. A swinging brass-laden piece of rockabilly from Atomic Papas. An excursion into the realms of dark pop with Psykobilly. An Americana-tinged country blues rock number from Garrington T. Jones. A fingerpicking instrumental folk masterclass from Scott William Urquhart. A trip to Russian beaches with the surf rock and roll of The Eyeberries. The pleasant and upbeat DIY indie pop of Gregory Pepper and His Problems. The jangly melodic powerpop of the Popular Creeps. A harmonica-infused CSNY folk rock excursion from Dead Perennials. Some goodtime revivalist trad country from Prinz Grizzley. Blues rock balladry from Mr B and The Wolf. A trip out to the desert with the stoner psychedelic rock of Soul of Salem. The trashabilly psychobilly of Degenerated.


released March 20, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork originally shot in Christchurch, New Zealand in early 2018. This album is dedicated to the victims of coronavirus across the world. 'Easy Money' written by Pete Cullen and The Hurt, used by permission of Pete Cullen and The Hurt, taken from 'High Tide' (2019). 'Hey' written by Wylie and EBC, used by permission of Phil Coyne, taken from 'Right Now' (2019). 'Piece of The Action' written by Chris Rolling, used by permission of The Chris Rolling Squad, taken from 'Spitfire' (2019). 'You Got To Loosen' written by Atomic Papas, used by permission of Atomic Papas, taken from 'The Invisible Man' (2020). 'We Are The Lost (Remastered)' written by Bill Newton, used by permission of Bill Newton, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2020). 'A Stranger Is A Friend (You Haven't Yet Met)' written by Garrington T. Jones, used by permission of Garrington T. Jones, taken from 'Dead Roses' (2019). 'Ballet Dancer' written by Scott William Urquhart, used by permission of Scott William Urquhart, taken from 'A Recipe For Reverie' (2020). 'Zombie Catchers (Demo)' written by Francesco D'Andrea and Valery Kovalev, used by permission of Valery Kovalev, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2020). 'Unsolved Mystery' written by Gregory Pepper, used by permission of Gregory Pepper and His Problems, taken from 'I Know Now Why You Cry' (2020). 'Why She Went' written by Popular Creeps, used by permission of Andrew Colvin, taken from 'Bloodshot Red' (2019). 'Disconnected Again' written by Dead Perennials, used by permission of Dead Perennials, taken from 'Dead Perennials' (2019). 'I May Be Late' written by C.H. Comper, used by permission of Prinz Grizzley, taken from 'Come On In' (2018). 'Phoenix' written by Mr B and The Wolf, used by permission of Vince Henry, taken from 'Lazyday' (2019). 'Wound' written by Sound of Salem, used by permission of Sound of Salem, taken from 'From the Hands of Witches' (2020). 'Endless Days' written by Degenerated, used by permission of Degenerated, taken from 'Degeneradiation' (2019).


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