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2022: The Second Coming

by Various Artists



Independent Music Sampler #139

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents 2022: The Second Coming, an eclectic collection of 25 independent and underground artists from all around the globe. This collection's title continues the celebration of the 3rd anniversary since our relaunch. On this day in 2019, we released our very first compilation, The Second Coming.

To help with the celebration, we welcome back several close friends. This includes the funk-driven new soul of Mud Bay, the psychedelic beach goth of Phanerons, and the mouth organ blues of Sophie Kay. There is the old-time bluegrass shuffle of Fog Holler, the quirky synthwave pop of Adrienne Pecheuse, and the experimental avant garde of The Phoenix Cube. Moonlit deliver some post-metal doomsday rock, and Dog Medicine Records return with the funk-infused progressive rap of Quarantine Boyz. Red On Red Records bring us melodic punk rock from The Chelsea Curve, and Mega Dodo deliver catchy technicolour psychedelia from Crystal Jacqueline.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Adam (bombastic indie rock).
Congulus (heavy melodic rock).
Disgraceland (ska-tinged garage punk).
Dog Of Man (soaring psych punk).
General Ed. (sun-soaked psychedelic pop).
Ghostwriter (one-man-band southern rock).
Haunted Youth (atmospheric dream pop).
Jarko & The Kandy Jar Joyride (driving psychedelic fuzz).
Jesus Is The Path To Heaven (experimental drone folk).
Old Bob Gunpowder (swampy blues rock).
Reduced Emissions (jazzy roots rock).
Secret Life Of Houseplants (swirling shoegaze indie).
Temptation's Wings (crunching power metal).
True Lies (rootsy garage rock).
Wayne Gillespie & Famous Blue Raincoat (zydeco folk blues).


released November 4, 2022

This album is dedicated to Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Leopard Zoo Poster' by Karen Arnold, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-396).

Tracks 1 - 5:

'Turpentine' written by and used by permission of Dog Of Man, originally released on 'Everything Is Easy' (2022). 'Austerlitz' written by Olin / Ragnarsson, used by permission of True Lies, originally released on 'New World Blues' (2022). 'Gun Nuts And God Botherers' written by and used by permission of Disgraceland, originally released on 'Warthog' (2022). 'Soul In The City' written by and used by permission of Mark Branscombe, originally released on 'Best Laid Plans' (2022). 'Boudicea Love' written by Crystal Jacqueline, used by permission of Mega Dodo Records, originally released on 'Two Moons' (2022).

Tracks 6 - 10:

'Alone In Paradise' written by Phanerons, used by permission of Jim Nobodie, originally released on 'Bubonic Beach Party' (2020). 'Crooked County Fair' written by and used by permission of Kyle Jarchow, originally released on 'Kandy Jar Joyride' (2022). 'Personal Bubbles' written by and used by permission of General Ed., originally released on 'Spoon-Fed' (2022). 'Sugar Baby' written by and used by permission of Sophie Kay, originally released on 'Turbulent Blues' (2020). 'Papa Wemba (She Dances)' written by Wayne Gillespie / Rob Grosser, used by permission of Wayne Gillespie, originally released on 'Frazz' (2022).

Tracks 11 - 15:

'The Found Family Waltz' written by and used by permission of Fog Holler, originally released on 'Fog Holler' (2022). 'Provo A Resistere' written by and used by permission of Old Bob Gunpowder, originally released on 'Old Bob Gunpowder' (2022). 'Low On Fuel' written by and used by permission of Steve Schecter, originally released on 'The Antique Tractor Pull' (2022). 'Barbican Baby' written by and used by permission of The Reduced Emissions, originally released on 'My Cup Of Tea' (2022). 'Nuthin' Goin' On' written by Linda Pardee, used by permission of Red On Red Records, originally released on 'All The Things' (2022).

Tracks 16 - 20:

'Sleepwalk' written by The Secret Life Of Houseplants, used by permission of Paul Abbott, originally released on 'Music For Houseplants (And Other Wallflowers)' (2022). 'Cathy' written by The Adam, used by permission of Cannonball PR, originally released on 'Cathy' (2022). 'House Arrest' written by Joachim Liebens, used by permission of Mayway Records, originally released on 'Dawn Of The Freak' (2022). 'YMMBTCALTM' written by Jordan Hobam, used by permission of Jesus Is The Path To Heaven, originally released on 'Book Of Moths' (2022). 'God Boiling Animals' written by and used by permission of Simon Lewis, originally released on 'You Are My Three Wishes' (2022).

Tracks 21 - 25:

'Late For Late Night' written by C-Section / B-Job, used by permission of Dog Medicine Records, originally released on 'Jimmy Fallon Album' (2022). 'Candy' written by and used by permission of Iris Missing / Sirius Parsec, originally released on 'Lynch / Me' (2021). 'Silent Assassin' written by Temptation's Wings, used by permission of Electric Talon Records, originally released on 'Marauders Of The Killing Moon' (2021). 'Heyheyli' written by Congulus, used by permission of Nasoni Records, originally released on 'Tilsim' (2022). 'Shine In The Darkest Night' written by and used by permission of Moonlit, originally released on 'So Bless Us Now...' (2021).


More Adam: not on Bandcamp.

More Adrienne Pecheuse: adriennepecheuse.bandcamp.com.

More Chelsea Curve: redonredthechelseacurve.bandcamp.com/album/all-the-things.

More Congulus: congulus.bandcamp.com.

More Crystal Jacqueline: megadodo.bandcamp.com/album/two-moons.

More Disgraceland: disgracelandpunk.bandcamp.com.

More Dog Of Man: dogofman.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-easy.

More Fog Holler: fogholler.bandcamp.com/album/fog-holler.

More General Ed.: generaled.bandcamp.com.

More Ghostwriter: ghostwritertx.bandcamp.com.

More Haunted Youth: thehauntedyouthofficial.bandcamp.com/album/dawn-of-the-freak.

More Jarko & The Kandy Jar Joyride: jarkomusic.bandcamp.com/album/kandy-jar-joyride.

More Jesus Is The Path To Heaven: jphband.bandcamp.com.

More Moonlit: m00nlit.bandcamp.com.

More Mud Bay: mudbay.bandcamp.com.

More Old Bob Gunpowder: oldbobgunpowder.bandcamp.com/album/old-bob-gunpowder.

More Phanerons: phanerons.bandcamp.com.

More Phoenix Cube: appletreelament.bandcamp.com/album/you-are-my-three-wishes.

More Quarantine Boyz: dogmedicine.bandcamp.com/album/jimmy-fallon-album.

More Reduced Emissions: thereducedemissions.bandcamp.com.

More Secret Life Of Houseplants: secretlifeofhouseplants.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-houseplants-and-other-wallflowers.

More Sophie Kay: sophiekay.bandcamp.com.

More Temptation's Wings: talonrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/temptations-wings-marauders-of-the-killing-moon.

More True Lies: truelies-rootsy.bandcamp.com/track/landmine-2.

More Wayne Gillespie & Famous Blue Raincoat: famousblueraincoat2.bandcamp.com.


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