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Wildflower Seventy

by Various Artists




The compilation series continues with this hard hitting collection of independent and grassroots music. As always, there is a huge variety of styles on show but this album possibly leans more towards heavier styles with lots of garage rock, punk rock and even some experimentations in grunge to close. There's also some golden age hip hop in the mix and chanson, a form of French spoken word, as well as the usual foray into rootsy styles such as folk.

English troubadour, J P Worsfold, makes a return with 'You Set Me Free,' another beautiful finger-picked track from his debut album, 'The Boy & The Mountain.' Michael Weiskopf is our second returning artist this week who makes his comeback with his signature folk rock sound crossed with a slight blues overtone.

The aforementioned golden age hip hop comes from Jalapeno Dynamite with Natty Bumpoe and Crocodile Robots, the solo project of one half of garage rock duo Dos Cobros, who are also featured. The French chanson comes from the poet, Signac.

Elsewhere we bring you the melodic powerpop of Mythical Motors and Wet Dye Dream, the hard garage rock of The Bonnie Situations and Gator The Alligator, and the New York Dolls punk of Ravenous Hounds. We also have groove-filled psychedelic soft rock from Denver band, Shwarma, and melodic punk from Mexico's very own Indefinido. There is then the slight diversion of the folk blues of Half Deaf Clatch and the mystical Irish folk of An Tara, complete with some raga influences. Further explorations into punk and hard rock come from The FAQs and the Chuck Norris Experiment before we finish with the grunge of Colossal Rex.

Please download and enjoy, it's the safest and best thing to just now. Until next week.

Tom @ AB Records


released May 6, 2020

Album compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork and concept by Emma Prime. This album is dedicated to Dave Greenfield and Millie Small. 'She Is Real' written by Matt Addison, used by permission of Mythical Motors, taken from 'That Is What The Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For' (2019). 'Miss Russian' written by and used by permission of The Bonnie Situations, taken from 'Shelter From The Sun' (2019). 'Up Above The World' written by and used by permission of Ravenous Hounds, taken from 'Ravenous Hounds' (2019). 'Get A Job' written by and used by permission of Shwarma, taken from 'Emily's Apartments' (2020). 'Who's To Blame?' written by A.D. McLatchie, used by permission of Half Deaf Clatch, taken from 'The Saturation Sessions' (2020). 'Cinismo' written by and used by permission of Indefinido, taken from 'Y Despues De Tanto...' (2019). 'Crocodile' written by Jalapeno Dynamite/Jivesaurus/Natty Bumpoe, used by permission of Dos Cobros, taken from 'Tinitus' (2020). 'Yayaya' written by and used by permission of Gator, The Alligator, taken from 'Life Is Boring' (2018). 'Party' written by and used by permission of The FAQs, taken from 'Face The FAQs' (2019). 'Belly Of A Dream' written by Alexis Deux-Seize, used by permission of Wet Dye Dream, taken from 'Scramble' (2019). 'You Could Be Free' written by J P Worsfold, used by permission of Jordan Worsfold, taken from 'The Boy & The Mountain' (2020). 'The Night That Larry Really Got Stretched (Jig)' is a traditional composition, arranged by Hayes and Noone, used by permission of Matthew Noone, taken from 'The Space Between' (2019). 'One Last Hint Of Green' written by and used by permission of Michael Weiskopf, taken from 'Love & Entropy' (2016). 'Je Me Retrouverai' written by Signac, used by permission of Fred Signac, taken from 'Signac' (2018). 'Eeww Yeah' written by and used by permission of Dos Cobros, taken from 'Emulsifier' (2018). 'Whatever You Say I Am' written by and used by permission of Chuck Norris Experiment, taken from 'Shortcuts' (2019). 'Warpaint' written by Colossal Rex, used by permission of Stephen McCabe, taken from 'Bloodletting' (2020).


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