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Up To The Minute

by Various Artists



Independent Music Sampler #156

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents Up To The Minute, an eclectic collection of 25 independent and underground artists from all around the globe. This release's title comes from a recent book about the legendary Bessie Smith. The collection is dedicated to the memory of Lester Sterling of The Skatalites.

This week, we welcome back a number of familiar faces. Capital Sons serve up their classic rock-powerpop crossover, This Circus Life bring the melodic indie folk pop, and John O'Sullivan gives us some baroque orchestral folk rock. There is singer-songwriter country blues from Linda Sussman, lo-fi alternative Celtic folk from Andrew Ferguson and Bethesda Boulevard, and rumbling surf rock adventures from El Borko. We have the flowing big bang jazz of the Mace Francis New York Nonet, the rhythmic avant synthpop of Milito (who also contributes the cover artwork), and the modern alternative bluesy strut of Ged Wilson.

Suburban Toys return with their energetic indie ska punk, Nasoni Records introduce us to Ghosts Of Jupiter's colourful neo-psychedelic rock, and H27 deliver their heavy classic hard rock. Joel David Weir closes this compilation with a retelling of a traditional Scottish tune. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new sounds to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

An'hedonya (theatrical dark noir rock).
Ascending (expansive, growing progressive rock).
Dogs (alternative country rock twang).
Forgetmenauts (alternative fantasy folk punk).
Ian Dominic Breen (alternative indie pop revival).
Jonathan Balzano Brookes (fingerpicking storytelling contemporary folk).
Laura Sumner (soulful free-roaming Americana).
Leaving For Arizona (heavy, crashing Midwest emo).
Mehmet Ali Sanlikol & Whatsnext? (lively Turkish jazz music).
Michel Borla (warm Francophone fingerpicking folk).
Sarah Partridge (traditional jazz pop bliss).
Sebastien Lacombe (earthy folk rock grit).


released April 14, 2023

This album is dedicated to Lester Sterling. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork created by Milito. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-466).

Tracks 1 - 5:

'The Marriage Of Bigfoot & Mothman' written by and used by permission of The Forgetmenauts, originally released on 'Be Nimble, Be Quick' (2022). 'When The Devil Rides With Me' written by S. Lacombe and G. Toupin, used by permission of Sebastien Lacombe, originally released on 'Fly' (2020). 'I'm Sick' written by Obermeyer / Paukert / Raney / Jueneman, used by permission of Karl Obermeyer, originally released on 'Passages' (2022). 'Telling Georgia Goodbye' written by and used by permission of Laura Sumner, originally released on 'Red Clay Blue Sky' (2022). 'A Little Bit More' written by Charlie Mear, used by permission of This Circus Life, originally released on 'The Last Man Standing' (2021).

Tracks 6 - 10:

'Aout Ou Juillet' written by and used by permission of Michel Borla, originally released on 'Aout Ou Juillet' (2022). 'Old Dog Young Dog' written by Sean Millar and Nick Kelly, used by permission of Dogs, originally released on 'Tricks' (2022). 'Perfume Of The Huntress' written by and used by permission of Jonathan Balzano Brookes, originally released on 'The Greathart' (2022). 'Listen, Listen (For Sandy Denny)' written by and used by permission of John O'Sullivan, originally released on 'Listen, Listen' (2023). 'Deja Vu' written by and used by permission of Linda Sussman, originally released on 'Shake It Loose Today' (2022).

Tracks 11 - 15:

'Daughter Of The Highway' written by and used by permission of Andrew Ferguson, previously unreleased (2023). 'Oh Marcia Reef' written by El Borko, used by permission of Brook Adams, originally released on 'Surf!' (2023). 'She Who Stayed To Prove The Day' written by Tim Horner and Sarah Partridge, used by permission of Sarah Partridge, originally featured on 'Beautiful Minds: Celebrating Extraordinary Women' (2021). 'Rise Thru The Barracks' written by and used by permission of Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, originally released on 'The Rise Up: Stories Of Strife, Struggle And Inspiration' (2020). 'Orla' written by and used by permission of Mace Francis, originally released on 'Land Speed Record' (2012).

Tracks 16 - 20:

'Housewarming' written by and used by permission of Milito, originally released on 'Nesting' (2022). 'Wishful Xenology' written by and used by permission of Ian Dominic Breen, originally released on 'Out Of Focus In The Dark' (2022). 'Urban Blues' written by and used by permission of Ged Wilson, originally released on 'Urban Blues' (2023). 'Ivory Towers' written by Hope / Adam / Tony / Vin, used by permission of Vin Ramsay, originally released on 'Night & Day In Beat City' (2023). 'Placeholder' written by and used by permission of Leaving For Arizona, originally released on 'Placeholder' (2023).

Tracks 21 - 25:

'No Direction' written by Nate Wilson, used by permission of Nasoni Records, originally released on 'Keepers Of The Newborn Green' (2021). 'Since You Went Away' written by and used by permission of An'hedonya, originally released on 'Ill'usions' (2022). 'Circles In The Same Sky' written by The Ascending, used by permission of Jessica Delot, originally released on 'The Ascending' (2022). 'Sinderella' written by and used by permission of H27, originally released on 'Dark Skies Filed With Lies' (2022). 'Loch Lomond' is a traditional compositions, used by permission of Joel David Weir, originally released on 'Gethsemani (Abridged)' (2023).


More An'hedonya: anhedonya.bandcamp.com.

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More Ascending: not currently available on Bandcamp.

More Capital Sons: capitalsons1.bandcamp.com/album/passages.

More Dogs: nickkellymusic.bandcamp.com/album/tricks.

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More Forgetmenauts: theforgetmenauts.bandcamp.com.

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More Ghosts Of Jupiter: ghostsofjupiter.bandcamp.com.

More H27: not currently available on Bandcamp.

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More Jonathan Balzano Brookes: microcultures.bandcamp.com/album/the-greathart.

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More Leaving For Arizona: leavingforarizona.bandcamp.com/track/placeholder.

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More Mace Francis New York Nonet: macefrancis.bandcamp.com/album/land-speed-record.

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