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Twist & Shout

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #76

"Twist and shout is what I want to do tonight with you..."

TWIST & SHOUT is this week's sampler, 23 hidden gems from all around the world. Sharing its title with the often-recorded classic, this compilation is actually named after the song by Austrian cinematic indie pop outfit, Crush. Crush are this week's pick from the roster of the brilliant Numavi Records. Big Stir Records appear too. The Armoires contribute a track from their surprise April Fool's Day record!

We also welcome back a number of old friends this week. Rum For Legba (blues rock), Bob Fleming & The Cambria Iron Co. (heartland rock), The Jack O' Bones (neo-rockabilly), Luback (southern rock), The Scatterlings (bluegrass Americana), The fundaMentals (classic rock) and Paul Nowak (alternative folk). Dana Berry (Night Herons and Bitterwind) appears as part of his Energy Eater side project. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Completing the line-up this week we have an eclectic cast. There is the college rock of The Reach, originally released in 1995; the neo-bluegrass of Parker Smith & The Bandwith, originally from 2011; and the electro synthwave of Sparky's Magic Piano, first released in 2007. More recent picks come in the form of folk punk from Steve White & The Protest Family, indie psychedelia from Blue Spruce and the new Mexicana of the Hoth Brothers Band.

Roots Engine bring us a heady mix of reggae and ska, Howard Gladstone delivers some contemporary folk rock and Kim Edgar performs adult contemporary pop. To finish there is Miles Island's popgaze, Desperate Electric's neo-soul, Gabagool's genre-defying adventures and Beagle's fantastic songwriting.

Thanks for listening in and enjoy!


released April 2, 2021

Artwork originally by Piotr Siedlecki, used under public domain licence. Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-148). 'Twist And Shout' written by Christina Lessiak, used by permission of Numavi Records, available on 'Sundown' (2020). 'Someday Baby' is a traditional composition, used by permission of R.B. Blackwood, available on 'Atomic Hypnotic' (2019). 'Rules (Purebred)' written by and used by permission of Craig Miller, available on 'Closer' (1995). 'Sins Of The Father' written by and used by permission of Robert William Fleming, available on 'Mother Mary' (2019). 'Don't Look Back' written by Paul Harwood/Mark Bending, available on 'On The Loose' (2018). 'Eloise' written by and used by permission of Parker Smith, available on 'Garden Hills' (2011). 'Bagfoot Run' written by Broome/Bulbenko, used by permission of Big Stir Records, available on 'Incognito' (2021). 'Have A Word' written by Steve White & The Protest Family, used by permission of Protest Family Records, available on 'The Debased Street Music Of The Vulgar' (2020). 'Cobblestone' written by and used by permission of Blue Spruce, available on 'The Poison In The Ice' (2020). 'Shaped By You' written by and used by permission of Luback, available on 'The Measure Of The Step' (2021). 'The Whiskey King' written by Russell/Walter Harrill/Jon Gibson, used by permission of Elfy Kornfeld, available on 'The Scatterlings' (2017). 'Honeyguide' written by and used by permission of Edrington V, available on 'Tell Me How You Feel' (2021). 'Not Enough' written by and used by permission of Roots Engine, available on 'Reflections' (2020). 'Renegade' written by and used by permission of Don Bathrick, available on 'Pandemonium In The Pandemic Age' (2021). 'Isolation Blues' written by Energy Eater, used by permission of Dana Berry, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2021). 'Sent To War' written by and used by permission of Paul Nowak, available on 'Sent To War' (2020). 'Tell Me Now' written by and used by permission of Howard Gladstone, available on 'The Promise' (2020) and at howardgladstone.com. '1,2,3,4,5' written by and used by permission of Kim Edgar, available on 'Held' (2020). 'Paint The Town' written by Jim Bjorklun, used by permission of Miles Island, available on 'Right As Rain' (2019). 'Something Somewhere' written by Barlett/Turnbull, used by permission of Sparky's Magic Piano, available on 'Feel The Beat And Do It Anyway!' (2007). 'Right Next To Me' written by Ben Morris/Kayti Korte/Nevada Sowle, used by permission of Desperate Electric, available on 'Still Not Giving You Up' (2020). 'Subterranean Commerce' written by and used by permission of Shelby Neil Smith, available on '2016' (2021). 'Nightliner' written by and used by permission of Beagle, available on 'All I Wanna Be Is The House You'll Call A Home' (2020).


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