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To Terry

by Various Artists



Independent Music Sampler #145

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents To Terry, an eclectic collection of 25 independent and underground artists from all around the globe. This collection is dedicated to Terry Hall of The Specials. Rest in peace, and thank you for the music, Terry.

This week, we welcome back the familiar sound of Lord Sonny The Unifier's cinematic glam rock. There is also storytelling troubadour folk from Joel David Weir, tender wintertime folk from Jeremy Beggs, and earthy folk rock from Josie Bello. We have the atmospheric indie shoegaze of Darksoft, the alternative post-punk surf of Post Galazer, and the catchy protopunk revival of The Naked Lunch.

Kevleb also returns with a refresh of his sound, the alt country has been replaced for the modern breakbeat neo-R&B of Conomor. Troy Bentley features with his progressive funk rock, Aldo Buzzi brings his synth-infused classic rock, and Hello London deliver anthemic pop rock. We then have the reggae rock dub of Q Shaq, the early neo-medieval folk of Daughter Of The Water, and the baroque indie folk of Lewis Brennan.

Hotel California and Mr Brown main man, Daniel Green, contributes a solo composition, alternative folk pop. And Italian prog behemoths Moonlit are the final returning artist, delivering the experimental, minimalistic ambience of their side project, Ancestral Dusk.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new faces to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

Bad Taste (sweaty garage punk).
Dick Pistol (scuzzy garage punk).
Dogrocket Blues Band (groove-fueled blues rock).
Eric Alden Smith (shuffling folk rock).
J.M. Baule (Catalan folk rock).
Nicky Click (direct alternative pop).
Optical Sun (crunching sludge prog).
Paolo G. (instrumental folk blues).
Will Leet (steam-train country twang).


released January 14, 2023

This album is dedicated to Terry Hall. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'The Road Warrior' by Junior Libby, used and modified under Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-422).

Tracks 1 - 5:

'Satan & The Sailor' written by Will Leet and Christopher Burns, used by permission of Will Leet, originally released on 'Come Back Roses' (2022). 'The Starman' written by and used by permission of Greg Jiritano, originally released on 'Final Notice!' (2019). 'Rusty Train' written by and used by permission of The Dogrocket Blues Band, originally released on 'Rusty Train' (2021). 'Tower Of Hurt' written by and used by permission of Joel David Weir, originally released on 'Gethsemani' (2023). 'Winter's Town' written by Beggs / Brooks / O'Brien / Giles / Tweeddale, used by permission of Jeremy Beggs, originally released on 'Layered Signs' (2021).

Tracks 6 - 10:

'Soroll De Timbals' written by and used by permission of J.M. Baule, originally released on 'Au, Entre Fogueres' (2021). 'Magic Of The Music' written by and used by permission of Josie Bello, originally released on 'Have Purpose Live Long' (2020). 'Such Is Life' written by and used by permission of Bill Darksoft, originally released on 'Beigeification' (2022). 'Life Cycle' written by and used by permission of Nicky Click, originally released on 'Reductive Nostalgia' (2022). 'Mansandia' written by Post Galazer, used by permission of Elvis Noide, originally released on 'Terminal' (2020).

Tracks 11 - 15:

'Crying Shame' written by and used by permission of The Naked Lunch, originally released on 'The Naked Lunch' (2020). 'Night Ballad' written by and used by permission of Dick Pistol, originally released on 'Night Ballad' (2023). 'Family' written by and used by permission of Pete Bentley, originally released on 'Headlock' (2021). 'Weeeeeeeeee' written by and used by permission of Aldo Buzzi, originally released on 'Multiplier' (2020). 'Rolling' written by and used by permission of James Froese, originally released on 'Past Futures' (2022).

Tracks 16 - 20:

'Flower City Groove' written by Kevin and Paul, used by permission of Kevin, originally released on 'One Step (At A Time)' (2023). 'Freedom Blast 2022' written by Q Shaq, used by permission of Quintus Thacker, originally released on 'For The Luv Of Dub' (2022). 'Imbole' written by and used by permission of Sarah Lambert-Gates, originally released on 'Her Kiss Is A Whip Of The Moon' (2021). 'Bitch To Blame' written by and used by permission of Daniel Bewernick-Green, originally released on 'Vanish Like A Cloud In Sunlight' (2019). 'Godsleep' written by and used by permission of Eric Alden Smith, originally released on 'Apocalypse Frolic' (2022).

Tracks 21 - 25:

'Erin' written by and used by permission of Lewis Brennan, originally released on 'W.S. Muller' (2021). 'Dreamin' (49)' written by and used by permission of Paolo G., originally released on 'Acusticamente' (2017). 'Toes' written by and used by permission of Bad Taste, originally released on 'The Past' (2022). 'SOS / Save Our Souls' written by and used by permission of Optical Sun, originally released on 'Save Our Souls' (2021). 'Miseria' written by and used by permission of Ancestral Dusk, originally released on 'Alone And Forgotten, At Peace' (2020).


More Aldo Buzzi: aldobuzzi.bandcamp.com/track/wild-cat.

More Ancestral Dusk: ancestraldusk.bandcamp.com.

More Bad Taste: dickpistol.bandcamp.com/album/the-past.

More Conomor: not currently on Bandcamp.

More Daniel Green: mrdanielgreen.bandcamp.com.

More Darksoft: darks0ft.bandcamp.com/album/beigeification.

More Daughter Of The Water: daughterofthewater.bandcamp.com.

More Dick Pistol: dickpistol.bandcamp.com.

More Dogrocket Blues Band: dogrocketbluesband.bandcamp.com/album/rusty-train.

More Eric Alden Smith: ericaldensmith.bandcamp.com.

More Hello London: hellolondon.bandcamp.com/album/past-futures.

More J.M. Baule: jmbaule.bandcamp.com.

More Jeremy Beggs: jeremybeggsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/layered-signs.

More Joel David Weir: joeldavidweir.bandcamp.com.

More Josie Bello: josiebello1.bandcamp.com.

More Lewis Brennan: lewisbrennan.bandcamp.com.

More Lord Sonny The Unifier: lordsonnytheunifier.bandcamp.com.

More Naked Lunch: thenakedlunch1.bandcamp.com/album/the-naked-lunch.

More Nicky Click: nickyclick.bandcamp.com/album/teenage-lifestyle-remixes.

More Optical Sun: opticalsun.bandcamp.com.

More Paolo G.: paolog.bandcamp.com.

More Post Galazer: elvisnoide.bandcamp.com/album/terminal.

More Q Shaq: qshaq.bandcamp.com.

More Troy Bentley: troybentley.bandcamp.com/album/headlock.

More Will Leet: willleet.bandcamp.com.


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