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Stories, Bold & Untold

by Various Artists



Taster Compilation #36 STORIES, BOLD & UNTOLD

Another week, another eclectic collection of independent music from all over the world. Eighteen stories from eighteen perspectives that need to be told. Once again, we really enjoyed putting this compilation together. The artists and albums that we have been exploring the last few weeks have been of a brilliant standard, and it has become increasingly hard to pick a 'favourite'. This is a great sign for underground, authentic music, it's still alive!

It is great to welcome back a few artists this week as well. The Widows return with their brand of Stooge-esque punk rock. Jed Potts and The Hillman Hunters blow our minds with some electrifying rhythm and blues. Phil Matthews a.k.a. The Village gives us a neo-psychedelic folk blues taste of his new record. AND the Migrant Pickers return with some fingerpicking style American folk blues.

Nick Fysakis (of Thee Holy Strangers) also gives us a taste of his other project, Dustbowl, a psychedelic take on country rock from Greece. It is fun to be collaborating with Alex Leonard Donat's Blackjack Illuminist Records again too. He kindly has agreed to licence us a song from the new XTR Human record, for fans of dreamy post-punk revival.

We have further contributions in the form of Erik Kjelland's cosmic Americana, The Black Tones' and Horny Henry's raw garage rock, and The Triptamynds' Hammond-infused psychedelia. Then there's blues rock from Beaver and The Foghorns, punk rock from Don't Praise The Machine and Alex and The Bandits, and neo-pop folk from Topher Kin. The fun continues with the prog rock of Dystopian Future Movies and The Pods Interrobang, and the tender indie folk of Jukka Ruottinen. The collection is rounded off nicely by Jesse Blake Rundle, joyous indie folk rock poetry from Ohio.

Listen and download to support AB Records and new music, YOU WILL DISCOVER YOUR NEW FAVOURITE BAND. Be sure to check out the individual artists too, these are tough times for independent musicians.

Stay safe and play loud!

Tom @ AB Records


released June 18, 2020

Compiled by and artwork by Tom Hilton. Artwork taken from a graffitied wall in Florida, many many years ago. This album is inspired by all the stories left untold. 'Comatose At 2:33' written by Erik Kjelland, used by permission of The Mascot Theory, taken from 'The Andromeda EP: From The Restless Mind Of Erik Kjelland' (2020). 'Mama! There's A Spider In My Room' written by The Black Tones, used by permission of Devon @ Band With Management, taken from 'Cobain & Cornbread' (2019). 'North Amerika' written by The Widows, used by permission of Kim Le Tan, taken from 'Popular Demand' (2019). 'Puttin' It Aboot' written by Potts/Christie/Wild, used by permission of Jed Potts, taken from 'Jed Potts And The Hillman Hunters' (2018). 'Hearst' written by Johannes Stabel and Lemmy Fischer, used by permission of Alexander Leonard Donat, taken from 'Interior' (2020). 'We'll Never Be Apart' written by Gaz Hunter, used by permission of The Triptamynds, taken from 'Lucy Syco Delia: The Sunshine Girl' (2019). 'Gimme Peace' written by and used by permission of Beaver and The Foghorns, taken from 'Call It What You Want...' (2020). 'Automaton' written by and used by permission of Don't Praise The Machine, taken from 'Pyrophyte' (2019). 'Stories Told' written by and used by permission of Topher Kin, taken from 'Woods & Wave' (2019). 'Rules' written by and used by permission of Dystopian Future Movies, taken from the album 'Inviolate' (2020). 'Sort It Out' written by and used by permission of Jukka Ruottinen, taken from 'Sort It Out' (2020). 'World Under Occupation' written by and used by permission of Alex Clowes, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2020). 'Lovely Desecration' written by Dustbowl, used by permission of Nick Fysakis, taken from 'The Story Of Mr. Dandy Gasoline' (2019). 'Random Brandon' written by and used by permission of Phil Matthews, taken from 'Escape From The Witchwood' (2020). 'Confession' written by Manu/Gianmarco, used by permission of Gianmarco Liacy, taken from 'Open Buffet' (2020). 'Leaving...' written by and used by permission of Gary Adler, taken from 'Beat This Town!' (2020). 'Post-Ironic Blues' written by Liam Howard-Fabretto, used by permission of The Pods Interrobang, taken from 'Do You Have Any Oil?' (2018). 'The Emperor Of Ice-Cream' written by and used by permission of Jesse Blake Rundle, taken from 'Radishes And Flowers' (2020).


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