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Rise To The Top

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #102

Rise To The Top is the name of this week's compilation, a collection of independent and underground music from all around the world. The title is shared with the comeback single from Button Up, a British soul outfit founded by Garry John Kane, The Proclaimers' bass player. 'Rise To The Top' is included here and is the band's first new music in over 5 years. We also welcome back American pub rock / roots rock hero Jeremy Porter, who appears alongside The Tucos. Faster Than Light also return with their pop rock / powerpop mash-up, as does the progressive experimentalism of the brilliant Mindstunt, and the tender voice of Georgia Lee Johnson. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Our new faces this week are led off by Last Sadness, a project that releases their music in collaboration with our good friends at Snow Wolf Records. This particular group have a more new wave-influenced sound than much of the label's other output. We also welcome the raw and fuzzed-up rhythm and blues of The Burning Balloons, and the ethereal post-punk soundscapes of The Arthurs. Broken Gnomes then give us sun-soaked jangly pop, Frank Richard delivers a lovingly crafted protest folk song, and Parlormuse cast our minds back with a traditionally-inclined piece of Victorian folk.

Ordinary 5 continue proceedings with their uptempo slice of jangly college rock, Eden Iris gives us a heartbreakingly honest excerpt of chamber pop, and Oli Spleen gives us an electro infusion with a nu-disco beat. We have the surprisingly funky post-rock of Franklin Mint, the raucous and ready street punk of NVS, and the crunching and aggressive modern punk approach of Tight Night. There is eerily dark noir rock from Transitions, gothic death rock from Sounds Like Winter, and the electro queercore explosion of Spleen.

Carnal Machinery comes with a synth-led post-punk odyssey, Pierre Lepage brings a folky world fusion sound, and High Falls collide the opposing approaches of folk rock and funk rock with a soulful vocal. To conclude, we have the garage alt country of Good Morning Midnight and the COVID-era dark rock of Orcus Nullify.

A special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records each and every week. You are the beating heart of our worldwide community. Have a great week and see you next time.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


released October 5, 2021

Special thanks to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Red Vintage Car' from an anonymous photographer, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-235). 'Girls Named Erica' written by Jeremy Porter / Gabriel Doman, used by permission of Jeremy Porter And The Tucos, originally featured on 'Candy Coated Cannonball' (2021). 'Round & Round' written by and used by permission of The Burning Balloons, originally featured on 'This Is Our Future' (2021). 'Laugh' written by Robin Den Drijver, used by permission of The Arthurs, originally featured on 'Glass' (2021). 'In The Storm Again' written by Cliff Kent, used by permission of Broken Gnomes, originally featured on 'Broken Gnomes' (2021). 'Mills Of Lawrence' written by Frank Cable, used by permission of Frank Richard, originally featured on 'Rough Enough' (2020). 'Rise To The Top' written by Button Up, used by permission of Garry John Kane and Button Up Records, originally featured on 'Rise To The Top' (2021). 'McCarthy's Boarding House' written by Thomas E. Powers, used by permission of Parlormuse, originally featured on 'It's Not The Coat Makes The Gentleman' (2007). 'Lolita' written by and used by permission of Ordinary 5, originally featured on 'Inappropriate Love Songs' (2021). 'Someone I Know' written by and used by permission of Keith Lenn, originally featured on 'Someone I Know' (2021). 'Somehow' written by and used by permission of Ben Ewens, originally featured on 'Mindstunt' (2020). 'I Just Can't Turn It Off (Alt Mix)' written by Eden Iris Spence / Alex Ellsworth, used by permission of Eden Iris, originally featured on 'The Fuchsia & The Grey' (2021). 'The Bedroom' written by Oli Spleen / Nick Hudson, used by permission of Oli Spleen, originally featured on 'Night Sweats & Fever Dreams' (2020). 'Stesk' written by Last Sadness, used by permission of Snow Wolf Records, originally featured on 'Emotion Is Energy In Motion' (2021). 'Kick Me' written by and used by permission of Franklin Mint, originally featured on 'Bristle' (2021). 'How's Harvey' written by and used by permission of NVS, originally featured on 'Howz Harvey!?' (2021). 'Getting Lost' written by and used by permission of Tight Night, originally featured on 'Volume' (2018). 'Your War' written by Al White / Transitions, used by permission of Transitions, originally featured on 'After Dark' (2021). 'Day To Day' written by and used by permission of Sounds Like Winter, originally featured on 'Fight The Stairs' (2021). 'Fag Machine' written by Spleen, used by permission of Oli Spleen, originally featured on 'Spleen' (2020). 'Boiling Blood' written by Jacques Saph, used by permission of Carnal Machinery, originally featured on 'Cluster A' (2021). 'Spancho' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Pierre Lepage, originally featured on 'Merle Fou' (2021). 'Kickin' Around' written by Jason Boyd / Derek Stenborg, used by permission of High Falls, originally featured on 'Sam's Point' (2005). 'Guernsey Deep River' written by and used by permission of Good Morning Midnight, originally featured on 'Songs Of Violence' (2021). 'Privilege' written by and used by permission of Georgia Lee Johnson, originally featured on 'January Mind' (2021). 'Pandemonic' written by Bruce Nullify / Leonia Teaneck, used by permission of Sounds Like Winter, originally featured on 'Beautiful Hell' (2021).


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