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Return Of The Jackal

by Various Artists



Aldora Britain Records was originally set up as a music blog back in 2013. It operated for about a year and featured well over a hundred independent artists including the cathartic and raw duo, Two-Bit Sister. Does it get much more raw than a guitarist and drummer duo playing loud rock and roll? These guys released a four track EP and two digital singles before disappearing into the wilderness. The EP was entitled 'The Jackal'. Two-Bit returned earlier this year with a brand new EP so it's only fitting that I pay a tribute to these AB originals with this compilation. So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is... RETURN OF THE JACKAL!

I have the immense pleasure of bringing you a track from the new Two-Bit Sister EP. The track, entitled 'Dreamless,' is the same brash form of alternative rock and roll that I came to love all those years ago. Also returning are The Green Zoo. These guys, from Idaho, create an anthemic brand of psychedelic and experimental chamber pop.

Alongside these two acts, I'm proud to present fourteen more new artists to Aldora Britain Records. We have the Beatle-esque jangle pop of Queer Jane, the ska-tinted indie rock of Manganista, the lovingly crafted American folk rock of Daniel Young, the freewheeling country music of Brian Johannesen, the French rhythm and blues sensation of The Twangy & Tom Trio, the crazed neo-rockabilly rock and roll dance of Boom! Boom! Deluxe, the timeless soulful and pop-tinged rock and roll of Pfeffer Holstein, the psych approach to traditional English folk of Diana Collier, the thoughtful and insightful contemporary folk rock of The Nautical Theme, the empowering indie folk of The Sunset Doctrine, the alt country indie rock mix of Ryan Oyer, the indie rock post punk of The Meeck, the classic alternative country feel of The Naked Sun, and the modern noir alt folk of Elspeth Anne.

Stay at home, play loud and enjoy. It's the safest and healthiest thing to do in these times.

Best wishes,

Tom @ AB Records


released April 6, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork by Emma Prime and Tom Hilton. This album is dedicated to Aimee O'Rourke, Areema Nasreen and all our NHS workers. 'Waiting For The Sun' written by Vlado Nosal, used by permission of Queer Jane, taken from 'Amen Dolores' (2020). 'Dreamless' written by Two-Bit Sister, used by permission of Connor Bluemel, taken from 'Radiator' (2020). 'Repetition' written by Manganista, used by permission of Manganista, taken from 'Hillbilly Bomb Shelter' (2020). 'Leap Like Lazarus' written by The Green Zoo, used by permission of Thomas Newby, taken from 'An Odd End' (2020). 'Diamonds In Your Eyes' written by Daniel Young, used by permission of Daniel Young, taken from 'Television Static' (2020). 'Tired (Last Time I Saw Her)' written by Brian Johanessen, used by permission of Brian Johanessen, taken from 'Holster Your Silver' (2019). 'Ain't That Dilly' written by The Twangy & Tom Trio, used by permission of The Twangy & Tom Trio, taken from '1,2,3,4!' (2018). '(Can't Stop Those) Crazy Legs' written by D.D. Deluxe, used by permission of Boom! Boom! Deluxe, taken from 'Teenage Juvenile Delinquent Rock N Roll Horror Beach Party!' (2019). 'Everybody Loves You' written by Pfeffer Holstein, used by permission of Pfeffer Holstein, taken from 'Ready For The Next Ride' (2019). 'Friends' written by Diana Collier, used by permission of Diana Collier, taken from 'Ode To Riddley Walker' (2020). 'Break My Fall' written by The Nautical Theme, used by permission of The Nautical Theme, taken from 'Lows And Highs' (2020). 'Kenopsia' written by Sean Lazaga, used by permission of The Sunset Doctrine, taken from 'Lost & Left Behind' (2020). 'Tiny Boy' written by Ryan Oyer, used by permission of Ryan Thomas Oyer, taken from 'Tiny Box' (2020). 'Mirror Image' written by Shane Khin, used by permission of Shane Khin, taken from 'Image And Egos' (2019). 'La Verite' written by The Naked Sun, used by permission of The Naked Sun, taken from 'Avec La Verite, Vous Avez Le Droit D'Aimer' (2019). 'Fog/Haar' written by Elspeth Anne, used by permission of Elspeth Anne, taken from 'Night Island' (2020).


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