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by Various Artists



Compilation #30 REFLECTION

The next instalment in our compilation series sees the best of both worlds. There is an extensive proportion of the album that resides in the rootsy styles that we're well known for (country, rockabilly, blues, folk) but there is also a good chunk that explores the harder styles (hard rock, prog rock, jazz fusion, alt rock). It is quite possibly the most varied mash up that we have presented to date and features visits to extremely niche genres such as horror folk. This particular compilation is also unique in that it is the first compilation since our very first release where all artists are previously unfeatured on Aldora Britain Records. Keeping things fresh and moving forward (don't worry, there's already some experiences campaigners signed up for out next release)…

'Reflection' opens with the Johnny Cash rockabilly country of Jackson Holte and The Highway Patrol. From here we delve into some gutsy blues rock from Dan's Revival and folk adventures from The Forks and Max Robby. There is also transatlantic folk rock from Gallagher Ford Thompson and Happenstance, and a French-language alternative from Rose Bouche.

The heavier side of proceedings are kicked off by the slacker surf rock of Highcoast, the pop punk of The Rebellion Lost and the alt rock of Inkal. Proud Miranda provide a southern blues rock gem, Bumblebees restrain things again with an extensive dream pop soundscape, and the garage rock sounds come from Weekend Death Cult. Ananda Mida and Maya Mountains serve up prog rock adventures and the aforementioned horror folk comes from Rowan : Morrison. The set is completed by the heavy jazz fusion of Bokito Free Jazz Experience.

A further note needs to be made to Go Down Records, our latest label collaborators, who provide the music from Ananda Mida and Maya Mountains.

As always, spend some pennies, support independent music and discover your new favourite band. It's the safest and best thing to just now.


Tom @ AB Records


released May 12, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Album artwork by Emma Prime, original photograph from Lyme Regis, 2017. This album is dedicated to the eternal genius of the real king of rock and roll, Little Richard. 'Fast Lane West' written by Jackson Holte, used by permission of Jackson Holte and The Highway Patrol, taken from 'Last Rain Of Summer' (2020). 'Cheap' written by and used by permission of Dan's Revival, taken from 'Back On Track' (2019). 'Are You Lonely' written by Donovan Thorimbert, used by permission of The Forks, taken from 'Round The Bend' (2020). 'Paper Church' written by Gallagher/Ford/Thompson, used by permission of Gallagher Makes Music, taken from 'A Simple Plan' (2019). 'Big Dreamers' written by Brian Gallagher, used by permission of Gallagher Makes Music, taken from 'Rain' (2012). 'Make Me Clean' written by and used by permission of Max Robby, taken from 'One Take Wonders' (2020). 'Cocus Sont Nos Coquelicots' written by and used by permission of Rose Bouche, taken from 'Auroville' (2020). 'Goonbag' written by Florian Lehmann and Anton Kollewe, used by permission of Highcoast, taken from 'Sunnies, Cones & Choppy Waves' (2018). 'Old Wounds' written by and used by permission of The Rebellion Lost, taken from 'Out Of Focus' (2018). 'Disuelve Mi Tempo' written by Toto Merino, used by permission of Inkal, taken from 'Inkal' (2019). 'Dealer Time' written by Kate Miller and Amanda Miller, used by permission of Proud Miranda, taken from 'Dealer Time' (2020). 'Above The Ocean' written by and used by permission of Bumblebees, taken from 'Dancing Dots In The Dark' (2019). 'Out Of The Blue' written by Ananda Mida and Conny Ochs, used by permission of Ananda Mida, taken from 'Cathodnatius' (2019). 'Is This Art' written by Allan Goodey and Gwenifer Raymond, used by permission of Weekend Death Cult, taken from 'Lies Deceits And Truths In-Between' (2019). 'The Ash Tree' written by Angeline Morrison, used by permission of Angeline Morrison and The Ambassadors of Sorrow, taken from 'Lost In Seaburgh' (2020). 'El Toro' written by Maya Mountains, used by permission of Ananda Mida, taken from 'Era' (2020). 'Apanasana' written by and used by permission of Bokito Free Jazz Experience, taken from 'Bokito Mahal' (2020).


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