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ONE, the 26th compilation album from Aldora Britain Records. As always, an eclectic mix to enjoy during your locked down days. Hopefully it will provide some sanity amongst all the madness!

Wallace Dietz, Richmond's obscure indie icon, is back with his Silent Boys side project, The Shattered Hopes, a post punk adventure. Alongside Wallace and The Shattered Hopes there are also fifteen AB Records newbies. Amongst these is the neo psychedelic pop of Anthony Graziano, former member of The Forz. Regulars will recognise The Forz as Cole Tyler Hottenrott's band before he began his Buddy Love Goes Coconuts project. Listeners will be pleased to learn that Anthony has gone in a similar experimental direction. ONE also includes AB Records' first outing into EDM music with a track from Hydeaway & Ganunga. It sounds like what EDM used to sound like before the mainstream pop bastardisation, think of those early Calvin Harris records.

I also continue on my exploration into jazz. There is a worldly Persian feel from Eishan Ensemble, New Orleans Mardi Gras from Blouzouki, and the avant garde experimentations of Emily Best and Helen America. To complete the set there is the folk rock of Andrew O'Connor, the blues rock and roll of The Andy Taylor Group, the ska of Zen Baseballbat, the folk of Shayler & Brooke, the traditional Americana of The Scatterlings, the jangly indie folk of Black Tail, the grunge of Manalishi, and garage punk from Time Shifters and The Shakamoto Investigation.

There's certainly plenty to discover! So, stay at home and play it loud, it's the safest and healthiest thing to do.

Stay safe.

Tom Hilton @ AB Records


released April 18, 2020

Album compiled by Tom Hilton and Emma Prime. 'Brother Mine' written by and used by permission of Andrew O'Connor, taken from 'Brother Mine' (2020). 'Thunder & Lightnin'' written and used by permission of The Andy Taylor Group, taken from 'Drifting Days' (2019). 'You Won't Get Paid' written by Gleavey/Gleavey/Donaldson, used by permission of Zen Baseballbat, taken from 'You Won't Get Paid' (2020). 'Dublin' written by Chris Brooke and Kate Shayler, used by permission of Shayler & Brooke, taken from 'Come The Turn Of The Season' (2020). 'Nashville Road' written by Richard E. Russell, used by permission of The Scatterlings, taken from 'Being Human' (2019). 'Not OK' written and used by permission of Black Tail, taken from 'You Can Dream It In Reverse' (2020). 'Daniel Johnston Says (The Mountain Dew Song)' written by Johnny Train Wreck, used by permission of Wallace Dietz, taken from 'Noise Annoys' (2008). 'Jade' written by and used by permission of Anthony Graziano, taken from 'Jade' (2020). 'What's In Your Head' written by Dom Strett/Josh Urpi/Luke Moloney, used by permission of Manalishi, taken from 'What's In Your Head' (2020). 'Fire' written by and used by permission of the Time Shifters, taken from 'Screaming Heroes' (2018). 'Half Time Draw' written by and used by permission of The Shakamoto Investigation, taken from 'Half Time Draw' (2020). 'Arcadia' written by and used by permission of Helen America, taken from 'Red Sun' (2019). 'Heartbeat' written by and used by permission of Emily Best, taken from 'A Storm Came Through' (2020). 'Moussa' written by and used by permission of Hugo Labattut, taken from 'Uncle Joe' (2019). 'Street' written by Hamed Sadeghi, used by permission of Eishan Ensemble, taken from 'Afternoon Tea At Six' (2020). 'The Journey' written by Hydeaway & Ganunga, used by permission of Joe Miller, taken from 'Find A Way Home' (2018). Artwork by Tom. This album is for Emma.


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