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Ode To Reuben Jack

by Various Artists



This was originally intended to be the first half of our '20/20' double album. I decided to change the name at the last minute to dedicate it to a little boy who is going through one hell of a lot at the minute. Here's to you, Reuben Jack.

The album is a big mix once again but on this occasion we feature a lot of guitar-driven rock music, but we still have time for some folk and alt country for good measure. It features two songs that were originally released by AB Records in 2014; 'Every Now And Then' by The Electric Stars and 'One To Blame' by The Last Of The Troubadours, two absolutely belting tunes. We also see the glam rock of Buddy Love Goes Coconuts returning, as well as the howling rhythm and blues of The Beatpack.

We are also extremely proud to bring you a whole host of previously unfeatured artists... The Telmos (folky psychedelic blues), Super Doppler (southern cosmic Americana), Grant Nesmith (folk rock), Chris Stinger & The Rocketeers (Ryan Adams-esque alt country), Kid Violet (21st century post punk revival), Truett & The Traitors (Britpop by way of Missouri), Ross Harper & The 555s (neo psychedelia), Stephen Hardy Palmer (trad folk with a original twist), and The Ten Gallons (aggressive cowpunk).

Enjoy and play it loud!

Tom @ AB Records


released January 8, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Cover art shot in Liverpool in 2018. This album is dedicated to Reuben Jack, you have two parents that'll always do right by you and protect you. 'Ends Meet Blues' written by Andy Pickering, used by permission of Andy Pickering, taken from the 'How Quick It Goes Away' album. 'Tumbles Like A Domino' written by S. Harvey, used by permission of Hugh Dellar, taken from the 'Rhymes & Blues' EP. 'You Bring Me Down' written by Super Doppler, used by permission of Super Doppler, taken from the 'Super Doppler' album. 'Never Going Back' written by Grant Nesmith, used by permission of Grant Nesmith, taken from the 'Between Tides' album. 'Sinking Ships' written by Chris Stringer/The Rocketeers, used by permission of Chris Stringer, taken from the 'Sinking Ships' album. 'Sex On Drugs' written by Kid Violet, used by permission of Kid Violet, taken from the 'Sex On Drugs' single. 'Starburst' written by Truett/The Traitors, used by permission of Truett & The Traitors, taken from the 'Starburst' EP. 'Night And Day' written by Cole Tyler Hottenrott, used by permission of Cole Tyler Hottenrott, taken from the 'Buddy Love Goes Coconuts' album. 'Every Now And Then' written by The Electric Stars, used by permission of Jason Edge, taken from the 'Between The Streets And The Stars' single. 'Tired Eyes' written by Ross Harper, used by permission of Phil Sorrell, taken from the 'Richer' album. 'One To Blame' written by Connett/Rogers, used by permission of Joel Rogers, taken from the 'Don't Stand On Shadows' EP. 'My Sweet Lorraine' written by Stephen Hardy Palmer, used by permission of Stephen Hardy Palmer, taken from 'The Journey In Story And Song' album. 'Texas Two-Step' written by The Ten Gallons, used by permission of The Ten Gallons, taken from the 'Desert Runner' EP.


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