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by Various Artists



Compilation #33 MERRY-GO-ROUND

Another weekly independent music taster from Aldora Britain Records. The collection shows no regard for genre boundaries and is a far-reaching set taken from all over the world. Please enjoy and discover your new favourite band!

There are a number of artists featured here that are already long-established members of our Community. This includes the return of Shelley Ruhlen Ponce with her Mighty Violets project delivering some enticing country folk rock. We also have the optimific pop rock of Jess Morrison and the ambient alternative rock adventures of Grey Star Ghost.

New additions come in a variety of styles. There is Kreeps, a totally unique concoction of pop, garage rock and post-punk; and The Sly Persuaders, loud garage punk from London. On a different note we also have Damon Kilcawley & Ruth Jacob, fingerpicking bluegrass-inclined traditional folk; and Me In The Forest, continental folk with soulful undercurrents. We delve into a modernist heaven with the jazz of Sam Q's Night Patrol and then there's the avant garde alternative pop fun of The Pain Splats. Jamie McKay makes his first appearance too with his form of indie pop psychedelic and The Brads deliver some reggae fusion from down under.

The collection winds down with a hard and heavy set that includes the punk attitude and swagger of Grey Hairs and SOOMA, two bands that have contrasting approaches to this fast and opinionated genre. There is the pop punk - alt rock crossover of The Getaway Company, the soulful hard blues rock of Lee Ainley's Blues Storm, and the adrenaline-fuelled destruction of BRLRS.

The final notes comes from Juice Oh Yeah. These guys, hailing from St Petersburg in Russia, are impossible to describe. Some influences would include prog rock, doom, avant garde, stoner rock and experimental. It's niche!

Enjoy and stay safe.

Tom @ AB Records


released May 30, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork by Emma Prime, taken at the Loughborough Winter Fair, 2019. This album is dedicated to George Floyd. 'I'm Losing All My Dreams' written by Dominick J Kreep, used by permission of Kreeps, taken from 'Moon Stand Still - Us Fools Prefer Darkness' (2020). 'Johnny' written by and used by permission of The Sly Persuaders, taken from 'Saboteurs' (2019). 'Borderline' written by and used by permission of Shelley Ruhlen Ponce, taken from 'Consolation Prize' (2020). 'Hold The Woodpile Down' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Damon Kilcawley, taken from 'Clarence' (2020). 'For Everyone' written by Christoph Brachmann/Me In The Forest, used by permission of Me In The Forest, taken from 'Finding Gold' (2020). 'Secret Bossa Nova Club' written by and used by permission of Sam Qureshi, taken from 'Pele's Groove' (2019). 'Dreaming Is Dangerous' written by and used by permission of Jess Morrison, taken from 'Ace' (2019). 'I Gutted My VCR' written by and used by permission of The Paint Splats, taken from 'The Paint Splats' (2019). 'It Doesn't Matter' written by and used by permission of Jamie McKay, taken from 'It Doesn't Matter' (2020). 'Where It All Went Wrong' written by and used by permission of Jacob Tucker, taken from 'Silence Found' (2020). 'Little Flower' written by and used by permission of The Brads, taken from 'Reefers Caravan' (2019). 'Ghost In Your Own Life' written by and used by permission of Grey Hairs, taken from 'Health & Social Care' (2019). 'Break It' written by and used by permission of SOOMA, taken from 'It's All About To Change' (2020). 'Loveit' written by and used by permission of The Getaway Company, taken from 'No. 1 EP' (2019). 'Fool' written by L. Ainley/E. Young/Tori Mai, used by permission of Lee Ainley, taken from 'Evolution' (2020). 'Watchmen' written by and used by permission of BRLRS, taken from 'BRLRS' (2019). 'Poleno' written by Juice Oh Yeah, used by permission of Addicted Label and Juice Oh Yeah, taken from 'Juice Oh Yeah' (2020).


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