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Long Lost Friend

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #73

LONG LOST FRIEND is the title of this week's compilation of independent or underground music from all around the world. 23 eclectic tracks that run the full gamut - from British folk rock to Latin Ska, noir cold wave to dreamy psychedelia - a little something for everyone! As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

It is with great excitement that we welcome back German neo-psychedelic trailblazers, Blackbird Mantra, contributing a track from their brand new High and Dry record. Welcome back guys! FDH Records also return with another pick from their extensively diverse roster. This week it is Zeropolis, an American lo-fi synthpunk group. Matt Rhea, the frontman of Manganista, contributes a special, exclusive offering to finish too. The track comes from his current project, The Central Processing Unit.

Elsewhere... proceedings open with the electrifying folk rock of Hadrian's Union, the Latin ska crossover of Maria Blues and the reflective Americana-based songwriting of Boo Sutcliffe. Peach & Quiet continue this Americana theme and Derek O'Kanos brings some southern rock grit. There is experimental alternative rock from Strangely Alright, melodic jangle pop from You Should Know Us Better and a noir post-folk excursion from Class M Planets.

There is plenty more to come as well... Sven-Erik Olsen's chamber pop, Dan Cimaglio's expansive country folk soundscapes and the well-worn roots rock of Lucky Overton. There is an adrenaline-fuelled foray into traditional Irish folk from Robin James Hurt and brass-tinged country rock from Eric Harrison. Katvanger deliver us some observational modern blues, Steve Wharton & Danny Wood find the perfect middle ground between alt rock and folk rock, and Stew Simpson gives us yet another exquisite take on the great folk tradition.

The closing salvos of this collection begin with the cinematic folk meanderings of Ted Barnes. Bourgeoisie Paper Jam change the tempo with funk-infused R&B and Nice Cold Nation get moody with an adventure in cold wave. Ryan Garrett is the final new face this week who moves us with some post-Americana heartland rock energy.

There is little left to say except enjoy and... PLAY LOUD!


released March 12, 2021

This album is dedicated to the Supreme, Mary Wilson. Artwork from the Rowland family archive, 1700s. Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-139). 'Please Dance' written by Jowett/Simpson, used by permission of Simpson, available on 'Permission: Extended Play' (2020). 'What A Crazy Night' written by and used by permission of Maria Blues, available on 'Look Who It Is' (2019). 'Letter To My Younger Self' written by and used by permission of Boo Sutcliffe, available on 'Blink' (2021). 'California Way' written by and used by permission of J. Miller, available on 'Just Beyond The Shine' (2021). 'Howlin' Wolf' written by and used by permission of Derek O'Kanos, available on 'On The Sleeve' (2021). 'The Wheel' written by Blackbird Mantra, used by permission of Timo Elias, available on 'High And Dry' (2020). 'Alien Lover' written by Regan Lane/Sean Van Dommelen, used by permission of Regan Lane, available on 'Alien Lover' (2021). 'Angeline' written by and used by permission of You Should Get To Know Us, available on 'Hole In Whatever' (2019). 'Liquefied' written by and used by permission of Class M Planets, available on 'Ravenswood' (2020). 'Pop Bottle Green Eyes' written by and used by permission of Sven-Erik Olsen, available on 'Sketchbook Traces' (2017). 'You're The Starlight' written by Domenic Bucci/Dan Cimaglio, used by permission of Dan Cimaglio, available on 'Let The Light Shine' (2021). 'Sun City Skyline' written by and used by permission of Michael Reisinger, available on 'College Town' (2008). 'Salonika' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Robin James Hurt, available on 'Life From Kilmichael' (2020). 'Adrian' written by and used by permission of Eric Harrison, taken from 'Gratitude' (2020). 'White Man' written by and used by permission of Jim Waken, available on 'So Late So Soon' (2020). 'Ebb & Flow' written by and used by permission of Steve Wharton, available on 'Natural State' (2020). '1994' written by and used by permission of S. Simpson, available on 'Milk Man Son' (2019). 'The Winking Eyes Of Jesus' written by Barnes/Farley/Parks/Murrell, used by permission of Ted Barnes, available on '17 Postcards' (2021). 'It's Alright To Feel It!' written by and used by permission of Bourgeoisie Paper Jam, available on 'Sugar Fit' (2020). 'Cycle' written by and used by permission of Nice Cold Nation, available on 'Time' (2021). 'New World' written by Zeropolis, used by permission of FDH Records, available on 'Zeropolis' (2020). 'Vile, Vain & Selfish' written by and used by permission of Ryan Garrett, available on 'Don't Let The Bastard Win' (2020). 'Problems' written by Desmond Dekker, used by permission of Matt Rhea, EXCLUSIVE (2021).


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