Locked Together On The Lines

by Various Artists

9 Volt 01:34
Harvest 04:48
Cry A Little 04:08
Waterside 03:23
Tiger Moth 04:17
If, If, If 02:42
Never Seen 02:45
Muddy Road 03:13
C.F.N.M. 04:21
Nasavaylu 03:58


Weekly Independent Music Taster #83

This week, we bring you the endlessly eclectic Locked Together On The Lines. 24 tracks of the finest, genre-defying music from all around the world. Something for everyone! The title comes from our good friends Theatre Royal, who contribute their brilliant take on British indie. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

We also welcome back The James Yeldon Band (folk rock) from Ontario and Steven Palmer (country folk) from Quebec. Ohio alt country/pub rock hero Sean Woosley also returns. This time he appears as part of his intriguingly-named garage county side project, The Fierce Lime and His Ponytail Assassins. Jack Law features once again with Raging Twilight, an Americana alt-folk collective from Glasgow, and Martoc contributes a track from his 1996 post-punk album with Nero's Acolytes.

It is a great honour to feature two tracks from Western Threads' brand new album, Cowboys in Montmartre. This will greatly appeal to fans of alt country and American folk rock. Suitcase Sam opens this week's collection with his unforgettable 'cowboy jazz' and Sweet Niece provide us with an insight into their 'gypsy rock' invention. There is swampy blues rock from Toronto's The Wanted, acoustic folk rock from Swansea's Jonathan Nicholas and American folk rock from Houston's Brightwire.

Kate Bankston brings us an infusion of modern soul, Jennis deliver us an alternative rootsy offering and Sal Fratto gives us honest indie pop. We have the dreamy psychedelic pop of Rosewater, the experimental prog rock of Eran Karniel and the alternative psychedelia of Steve Stroud. There is alternative indie from The Silver Beets, more art rock from Noxantes and neo-soul from Sofia Brunetta. Proceedings conclude with a traditional Celtic escapade from Chimney Swift and the dark country of The Old Man Coyote.

Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records. Enjoy, play loud and see you next week!


released May 21, 2021

This album is dedicated to Helen McCrory. Special thanks to all the artists and bands involved. Artwork taken from the image 'Moscow Metro' by Svetlana Tikhonova, used under Public Domain license. Compilation compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-173). 'The Grand Trunk Pacific Coast Railroad' written by and used by permission of Suitcase Sam, available on 'Goodnight Riverdale Park' (2019). 'Locked Together On The Lines' written by Burgess/Wilkinson/Theatre Royal, used by permission of Oliver Burgess, available on 'Singles 2010-18' (2019). 'Her Fountain Of Thirst' written by Blake Russell/Jesica Russell, used by permission of Jesica Russell, available on 'Fables' (2020). 'Shield For Butterfly' written by The James Yeldon Band, used by permission of James Yeldon, available on 'Don't Need Sun To Shine' (2020). '9 Volt' written by and used by permission of Sean Woosley, available on 'Modify The Engines' (2004). 'Fire And Gasoline' written by Richard Henderson/Rob Easto, used by permission of The Wanted, available on 'Strange Flight' (2021). 'Hope Sails The River' written by Raging Twilight, used by permission of Jack Law, available on 'Raging Twilight' (2018). 'Harvest' written by Western Threads/J. Canerday, used by permission of Western Threads, available on 'Cowboys In Montmartre' (2021). 'How Can You Break?' written by and used by permission of Jonathan Nicholas, available on 'Rolling Eyes & Sighs' (2019). 'Ride On Mother Trucker' written by and used by permission of S. Palmer, available on 'From Here To Nashville' (2003). 'Cracked Edges' written by and used by permission of Brightwire, available on 'Cracked, Flawed And Frayed' (2021). 'Cry A Little' written by and used by permission of Kate Bankston, available on 'Cry A Little' (2020). 'Prison For Myself' written by and used by permission of Dennis Gaumond, available on 'The Mirror' (2019). 'Loving You Ain't A Bother' written by and used by permission of Sal Fratto, available on 'Just A Little Bit Of Some Music' (2020). 'Waterside' written by and used by permission of Rosewater, available on 'Golden Hour' (2016). 'He's Your Man' written by and used by permission of Eran Karniel, available on 'When The Spirits Cry' (2015). 'Tiger Moth' written by and used by permission of Steve Stroud, available on 'Sketches From The Bunker' (2021). 'If, If, If' written by and used by permission of Martoc, available on 'Albatrocity' (1996). 'Cool, Like David Suzuki' written by The Silver Beets/Ernie O, used by permission of The Silver Beets, available on 'Halcyon Days' (2020). 'Never Seen' written by and used by permission of Noxantes, available on 'Never Seen' (2021). 'Muddy Road' written by and used by permission of Sofia Brunetta, available on 'Evolver' (2020). 'Pacific Sunrise / The Sun Still Shines / The Reel MacGyver' written by Cecile Leroy/A.Z. Madonna, used by permission of Chimney Swift, available on 'Fly Me Home' (2019). 'C.F.N.M.' written by J. Lewis/C. McBee/A. Richter/M. Sherer, used by permission of Western Threads, available on 'Cowboys In Montmartre' (2021). 'Nasavaylu' written by and used by permission of The Old Man Coyote, available on 'Prologue' (2021).


all rights reserved



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