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King For A Day

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #101

This week's compilation of underground music from around the globe is entitled King For A Day. The title comes from a track by The Screens which is featured here, vintage-inspired psychedelic rock. We also welcome back the sonic fuzz overload of The Buzzdealers and the driving folk rock twang of Jim Powell. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

We welcome a number of new faces this week, kicking off with the catchy prog-based psychedelia of Sid Bradley. The classic-sounding southern rock of Japan Van Damme and the happy-go-lucky folk rock of Nate Jacobucci follow. There is then doo-wop swinging indie from Tragicomics, travelling troubadour folk from Dan Orcutt And The Big Blue Cosmic and Belgian Tulsa sound revival from Luc Dejardin. Insect Guide bring us emotive lockdown soundscapes and Matt Finucane gives us art rock progressiveness.

We delve further with the experimentally-inclined folk rock of Halcyon Phase, the darkwave post-punk of Ashes Fallen and the hard and heavy cold wave of Broken Links. There is doomy crunching alt rock from Daughters Of Saint Crispin, alternative heavy rock from Alae Noctis and modern raucous pop punk from Blame Shifters. Chimers give us noir post-punk revival, Hidden House give us a moody throbbing variant and My Stillborn Dream bring a jangly pop disposition.

Joe Burns delivers emotively-charged singer / songwriter, Oklahomeless contributes lo-fi fuzzy folk rock and Robert Daniel Irwin gets lively with a blues funk shuffle. To conclude, there is gentle and tender indie folk from Christy Merry and an ambient drone soundscape from Violet Nox. Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records each and every week. Have a great weekend and see you soon!


released September 29, 2021

This collection of music is dedicated to Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Special thanks to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Background 839' by Sabine Sauermaul, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-232). 'Meant For You' written by and used by permission of Sid Bradley, available on 'Child Of The Sea' (2021). 'New York City Eats Its Young' written by Schweppe / Shaw / Skadburg, used by permission of Japan Van Damme, available on 'Normal Style' (2021). 'I Miss My Friends' written by and used by permission of Nate Jacobucci, available on 'O-Bone' (2021). 'The Time Has Come Again' written by Christopher Eatough, used by permission of Tragicomics, available on 'Book Of Want' (2020). 'Like An Old Song' written by and used by permission of The Buzzdealers, available on 'Blooming' (2020). 'King For A Day' written by and used by permission of The Screens, available on 'The Boy Who Waved At Trains' (2020). 'Tear Down Tallahassee' written by and used by permission of Daniel Orcutt, available on 'Never Cry Mercy' (2021). 'Borderline Town' written by and used by permission of Luc Dejardin, available on 'Tightrope Between Comedy & Tragedy' (2020). 'I Never Spoke Your Name' written by and used by permission of Jim Powell, available on 'Beneath The Bark' (2021). 'Quarantine' written by and used by permission of Insect Guide, available on 'Dystopian Musical' (2020). 'Envy The Birds' written by and used by permission of Matt Finucane, available on 'To The Outer World' (2021). 'Georgian Bay Cottage' written by Frank Smith / Phillip Victor Bova, used by permission of Halcyon Phase, available on 'Tendrils' (2021). 'Bear Witness' written by J. Perry / J. Shaw, used by permission of Ashes Fallen, available on 'A Fleeting Melody Out Of A Fading Dream' (2021). 'Cold War' written by and used by permission of Broken Links, available on 'Conflict: States' (2021). 'Debt Grief' written by Peter Leonard / Russell Emerson Hall, used by permission of Daughters Of Saint Crispin, available on 'Daughters Of Saint Crispin' (2021). 'Falcon Spirit' written by and used by permission of Alae Noctis, available on 'Eternal Rest For The Best' (2020). 'Shagohod' written by and used by permission of Blame Shifters, available on 'Time And Place / Blame Shifters' (2018). 'Surrounds' written by and used by permission of Chimers, available on 'Chimers' (2021). 'Diamond Queen' written by Gio, used by permission of Hidden House, available on 'Inside The House' (2021). 'Primary' written by Tolhurst / Smith / Gallup, used by permission of My Stillborn Dream, available on 'My Stillborn Dream' (2021). 'The Gift' written by and used by permission of Joe Burns, available on 'Artifice Soul' (2021). 'Fossil Beds' written by and used by permission of Oklahomeless, available on 'Love Me Like A Dog' (2021). 'Walk Away For Me' written by and used by permission of Robert Daniel Irwin, available on 'Chasing The Tone' (2021). 'I Wish You'd Tried' written by Christy Merry / Matt Patrick, used by permission of Christy Merry, available on 'Here For You' (2021). 'Wolf Visitor' written by and used by permission of Violet Nox, available on 'Whispering Galaxy' (2021).


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