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Kinetic Motion

by Various Artists



Compilation #32 KINETIC MOTION

Yet another exploration of the worldwide talent that is present on a grassroots and independent scale. There are bands from the UK, the US, Europe and even Guadeloupe. We are reaching brand new territories! There is a fresh excitement about this collection and it is not one to be missed, 17 songs for £1.20, what are you waiting for!?

The collection sees a reappearance from one of the finest soul, jazz and pop rock musicians in the world today, Marc Teamaker. He opens the collection with a soulful explosion from his transatlantic duo, Teamaker/Clarke. The Ravenous Hounds also return and serve up another killer piece of original garage rock and roll. Martin Manoeuvre (member of the Upright Sinners) also contributes once again with a different project, The Flamingo Diaries. These guys hark back to the days of protopunk.

We are also extremely excited to bring our listeners The Bolokos. The Bolokos hail from Guadeloupe and deliver a version of punk rock that has hints of Celtic and traditional themes. Almost like a more aggressive version of The Pogues.

There is further musical madness from the rock and rolling rockabilly of The Kookie Kutterz and Beechcraft Bonanza, the new wave ska hybrid of the Suburban Toys, the raw garage rock of The Stigmatics and Phaedo, the bedroom pop of Out Of Hands, the indie pop experimentations of Chris Holland, the noise pop of Siz, the garage pop of Ballad Of Geraldine, the folk musings of Rebecca Mann and Bent Roads Tavern, and the hard and heavy alternative rock of Halo Noose and Imaginary Dreamers.

Enjoy and play VERY loud.

Tom @ AB Records


released May 24, 2020

Album compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork by Emma Prime in Rothley, April/May 2020. This album is dedicated to Phil May and Astrid Kirchherr. 'The Spaces Between' written by Teamaker/Clarke, used by permission of Iain Clarke, taken from 'First Floor/The Spaces Between' (2019). 'White Rum' written by The Bolokos, used by permission of Edy Caramello, taken from 'The Bolokos' (2019). 'King Of Karaoke' written by and used by permission of The Kookie Kutterz, taken from 'Grease Monkeys' (2019). 'Graveyard Soul' written by and used by permission of Ravenous Hounds, taken from 'Ravenous Hounds' (2019). 'Just Go With The Flow' written by and used by permission of Suburban Toys, taken from 'Out Of The Blue' (2019). 'The Lucky One' written by and used by permission of Beechcraft Bonanza, taken from 'Give Up Honey' (2018). 'Little Heartbreaker' written by M. Bolt, used by permission of Martin Manoeuvre, taken from 'Vol. I (Perfect Imperfections!)' (2019). 'American Dream (Take It All Away)' written by Roos, used by permission of The Stigmatics, taken from 'Electric Cave Sessions' (2018). 'Trying To Feel Fine' written by and used by permission of Out Of Hands, taken from 'Not Too Bad I Guess' (2020). 'Coast' written by and used by permission of Chris Holland, taken from 'What Not To Do With Adolescence: I Wonder If The Myth Is True Or Perhaps Nobody Is Destined For Anybody' (2019). 'Fantasize' written by and used by permission of Siz, taken from 'Liquid' (2019). 'Run' written by and used by permission of Ballad Of Geraldine, taken from 'Still Smokin'' (2019). 'Fly' written by and used by permission of Rebecca Mann, taken from 'Moon' (2018). 'Let's Go To Newfoundland' written by and used by permission of Bent Roads Tavern, taken from 'The Legend Of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 1 & 2' (2020). 'Rendered Invalid' written by and used by permission of Phaedo, taken from 'Beyond Divisions' (2019). 'When You Feel It Babe' written by Halo Noose, used by permission of Stuart Halo Noose, taken from 'Magical Flight EP' (2020). 'Secrets Of May' written by and used by permission of Kevin Meylemans, taken from 'Imaginary Dreamers' (2017).


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