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Kerouac Said​.​.​.

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #75

KEROUAC SAID... is this week's collection of independent music from all around the world. 23 tracks of the best alternative, underground music out there. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

The title is taken from the opening track by Psykobilly, '(Kerouac Said) Everything Is Fine'. Psykobilly - a.k.a. Bill Newton - has been one of the biggest supporters of Aldora Britain Records over the last 18 months, so it was fitting that we pay homage to him and his brilliant dark electro pop project here. He has recently released his second album, Patron Saint of Nothing, recorded with Phil Sorrell at Caretaker Studios. For fans of dark electro-infused alternative pop...

It is with great pleasure that we welcome a brand new artist from Austria's Numavi Records - this week we have the indie pop of My Friend Peter. Ben Avison returns with a finely tuned piece of worldly indie folk and Mark Branscombe (Mud Bay / The Ormidales) contributes a track from his vaudeville country outfit, The Gravel-Aires.

The remaining contributions are all from brand new faces. There is post-punk from the magnificent Skip Danko B-Movie Road Club, glam rock from the fantastic Vanilla and rousing indie rock from the brilliant Cameramen. There is the synth-inclined indie of Fast Trains and marvellous soulful injections from Rachel & The Jellycats and Forest Sun. Don Hawkins contributes a solo track and one from his band, Great Mimes. Both are glorious melodic slices of powerpop.

Guy Grogan snapshots his songwriting and his jangle indie rock style, Maria Helena brings us some cinematic pop and Hat In The Garret deliver some contemporary alternative blues. There is a worldly atmosphere from Ronja Maltzahn and Simon Hudson. Rick Foot and Pena Hughes-John contrast things with an experimental and alternative flair. To finish, there is powerpop from Tony Mecca, contemporary country from Cary L, acoustic piano rock from Just Joe and hard rock from H27.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the music. Take care, until next time!


released March 26, 2021

This release is dedicated to the victims of the Colorado shooting. Artwork from a photography by Malcom Hilton. Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-143). '(Kerouac Said) Everything's Fine' written by Bill Newton, performed by Newton/Sorrell/Sorrell, used by permission of Bill Newton and Phil Sorrell, available on 'Patron Saint Of Nothing' (2021). 'I Am Bongo Suzuki' written by and used by permission of Skip Danko B-Movie Road Club, available on 'Meet Me At The Bar' (2020). 'Velvet Rope' written by Jayson Jarmon/Sean Gaffney, used by permission of Jayson Jarmon, available on 'Limerence' (2020). 'Blissfully' written by Sallis, used by permission of The Cameramen, available of 'Good Things Do Happen' (2020). 'The English Way' written by and used by permission of Tom Wells, available on 'Our World Volume 1' (2021). 'One Night' written by and used by permission of Rachel & The Jellycats, available on 'Rachel & The Jellycats' (2021). 'One Of My Letters' written by Don Hawkins/Glenn Case, used by permission of Don Hawkins, available on 'Second Helping' (2020). 'Where Is My Home' written by and used by permission of Forest Sun, available on 'Stubborn Breathing Heart' (2021). 'Tomorrow Never Fades' written by and used by permission of Guy Grogan, available on 'Tomorrow Never Fades' (2020). 'My Skin Is A Map' written by Wojciech Beszlef/Maria Helena Zukowska, used by permission of Maria Helena, available on 'Planes' (2020). 'Whitening' written by My Friend Peter, used by permission of Numavi Records, available on 'Speak' (2020). 'Steven, Please Can We Talk?' written by and used by permission of Ben Avison, available on 'Lovers Leap' (2020). 'Startin' To Get It' written by The Gravel-Aires, used by permission of Mark Branscombe, available on 'Headlights' (2021). 'If I Were A Pen' written by and used by permission of Don Hawkins, available on 'Stutter Step' (2019). 'I Go Over It In My Mind' written by Hat In The Garret, used by permission of Trulletto Records, available on 'Songs From The Garret' (2020). 'Travelling Salesman' written by and used by permission of Simon Hudson, available on 'Islands' (2020). 'Blue Birds' written by Ronja Maltzahn/Federico Marina, used by permission of Ronja Maltzahn, available on 'Worldpop' (2020). 'Your House: Full Of Twigs' written by and used by permission of Rick Foot, available on 'Songs Of Idiocy & Expedience' (2020). 'Deceit' written by and used by permission of A. Hughes-John, available on 'Ghosts Of My Past' (2021). 'Lonely Lisa' written by and used by permission of Tony Mecca, available on 'Fractured Poetry (Heavy Metal Gypsys)' (2020). 'Homebound' written by G. Wale/J. Lord/C. Lord, used by permission of Cary L, available on 'Tumbleweed And Dust' (2020). 'Bring You Home' written by and used by permission of Just Joe, available on 'Breakdown' (2020). 'Turn The Lights Off' written and used by permission of H27, available on 'The Road To Nowhere' (2018).


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