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by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #92

This week's compilation album is dedicated to a good friend of AB Records, Jamie Tongue, the late guitarist and songwriting genius of British indie rockers The Aim. Alongside his best mate Grant Judges, they wrote and performed some incredible music with an all-star cast of fantastic musicians backing them up. Their most recent single, 'The Rise and Fall', is featured as the lead track here. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music. More so this week, it would be incredible to get this release climbing the Bandcamp chart and get 'The Rise and Fall' to Number 1 on The AB Independent Top 20. Let's get Jamie and The Aim into more ears than ever before.

Alongside The Aim, we also welcome back the New Romantic synthwave of Liverpool's Double Echo and the electrifying blues rock of Vancouver's Mud Bay Blues Band. Save Henry return with their take on rootsy southern rock, Mike Stapleton brings some gritty folk rock and Pete Haydon reminds us of the joys of prog rock. Big Stir Records bring us more powerpop brilliance from Danny Wilkerson and our new collaborators, More Than Folk Records, contribute for the first time ever with Opium Dream Estate. We will hear more from them in the coming weeks!

Acoustic folk punk extraordinaire The Sam Chase contributes two songs, as do Texan roots rockers The Watters. Sam delivers a solo track and also one with his backing band The Untraditional. There is a soulful infusion from The Watters and also a 'golden oldie' from an older project of theirs, The Oak Creek Band.

Elsewhere, we have the splatter power-surf of The Terrorsurfs, the banjo-infused alt country of Georgie Fisher and the Townes-esque folk of An American Forrest. There is traditional musings from Lady Spruce, spaghetti western soundscapes from Chester Bonney and swampy gunk blues from Uncle Wormwood. Phantom Ocean give us loud garage punk, The No! race through some skate punk and Calista Kazuko brings us some deeply noir cabaret. This week's offering winds down with the indie folk singer/songwriter of Russell A Bave, the garage indie rock of Hidden Knives and the experimental Covid-era punk of Zeed Stun.

Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records every week.

Rest in peace, Jamie, this one is for you.


released July 29, 2021

This album is dedicated to the memory of Jamie Tongue of our good friends The Aim, 'it's Friday night'. Special thanks to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from a picture of Jamie, used by permission. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-209). 'The Rise And Fall' written by Judges / Tongue, used by permission of Grant Judges, available on 'The Rise And Fall' (2021). 'Enough For Somebody' written by Danny Wilkerson, used by permission of Big Stir Records, available on 'Wilkerson' (2018). 'Cruelty In Your Heart' written by and used by permission of Double Echo, available on 'Double Echo' (2021). 'Bat Shit Crazy' written by and used by permission of The Terrorsurfs, available on 'Mutant Surfin' Trash' (2018). 'If I Was More Drunk I'd Talk To You' written by Sam Chase, used by permission of Josh Windmiller, available on 'Almost Done' (2020). 'All I Want Is You' written by and used by permission of Randall T Carpenter, available on 'Colebrook Road' (2015). 'Suitcase' written by and used by permission of Georgie Fisher, available on 'Big City Howl' (2015). 'The Moment' written by and used by permission of The Watters, available on 'Intuition' (2021). 'Pennsylvania' written by Miles Burger / Nick Larimore, used by permission of Miles Burger, available on 'Save Henry II' (2021). 'Hold The Center' written by and used by permission of An American Forrest, available on 'Gleaner's Joy' (2021). 'Shit From Shinola' written by Sam Chase and used by permission of Josh Windmiller, available on 'The Last Rites Of Dallas Pistol' (2019). 'The Train Song' written by and used by permission of Julia Floberg, available on 'Lady Spruce' (2021) or at ladyspruce.bandcamp.com. 'Plain Riders / Chieftain's Revenge' written by and used by permission of Chester Bonney, available on 'Dusty Plains, Cyan Skies And Other Western Themes' (2021). 'Dirt' written by and used by permission of Uncle Wormwood, available on 'Gunkblues' (2021). 'Same Old Story' written by Daniel Watters / Jenna Watters, used by permission of Daniel Watters, available on 'XI' (2013). 'Take My Breath Away' written by and used by permission of Mike Stapleton, previously released by Mike Stapleton. 'Church Of Melancholia' written by Pete Haydon / Min Flipo, used by permission of Pete Haydon, available on 'My Relentless Dead' (2019). 'Notice Me Senpai' written by and used by permission of Phantom Ocean, available on 'Secondhand Ghosts' (2021). 'Mr. Laurence' written by and used by permission of The No!, available on 'Home' (2019). 'Lady Cherry' written by and used by permission of Calista Kazuko, available on 'Empress' (2019). 'Watching You' written by and used by permission of Russell A Bave, available on 'Ebb Tide' (2021). 'The Wanderer' written by Opium Dream Estate / Francois Tanfin, used by permission of More Than Folk Records, available on 'Pilgrimage' (2021). 'Silver & Gold' written by and used by permission of Hidden Knives, available on 'Are You Listening?' (2019). 'Anime' written by and used by permission of Zeed Stun, available on 'Blessed To Be Based' (2021).


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