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Hearing Voices And Quiet Noises

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #84

This week's collection is entitled Hearing Voices and Quiet Noises, 24 fresh grassroots selections from around the globe. The title is taken from a song by our good friend Jon Fazal. The song, 'Cormoran', also opens this compilation and snapshots how far Fazal has come since his previous release, 2020's News From Nowhere. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

We welcome back French rockabilly kings The Twangy & Tom Trio who deliver a blues kick. Big Stir Records also return and we are honoured to feature a song from their recent Tenth Wave compilation. The pick comes from the melodically-inclined Icecream Hands. Jack Law makes his third appearance in as many weeks. This time he features as part of his original band, 70s Scottish folk rock outfit Greenmantle.

There are two EXCLUSIVE offerings as well. Firstly from Dos Cobros, a fresh and unreleased track from their upcoming cyberpunk record. Secondly, Blackjack Illuminist Records boss, Alexander Leonard Donat, debuts his brand new project, the atmospheric synthwave duo Distance Dealer.

Elsewhere, we have the primal budget rock of The Implosions, the raucous garage rock revival of The Lee Harveys and the outlaw cowpunk of White Rose Motor Oil. Thea Ennen delivers a singer/songwriter masterclass with Dave Ja Vue, Ben Wilson opens his heart with a tender country folk track and Blues for Neighbors give us a deeply noir foray into gothic Americana. There is grungy prog rock from Aliceissleeping, Smiths-inspired punk from Mommy's Cigarettes and hard and heavy rock from Petrelli.

Sometimes Julie contribute some alternative art rock, Wouter Thijssen takes a new wave detour and Feverjaw give us catchy melodic rock. There is lo-fi art rock from Blackout Orchestra, lo-fi indie pop from The Home Stretch and cosmic alternative from Absynth Quartet. This week we close with the pagan folk of Stone Poets, the experimental art rock of Paul Inglis and the kindhearted indie folk of Anthea Feaver.

Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records. Enjoy, play loud and see you next week!


released May 28, 2021

This album is dedicated to Les McKeown. Special thanks to all the artists, bands and record labels involved. Artwork take from the image 'Flock of Sheep' by Petr Kratochvil. Compilation compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-179). 'Cormoran' written by and used by permission of Jon Fazal, available on 'Cormoran' (2021). 'Moulin Rouge' written by and used by permission of The Implosions, available on 'Las Vegas' (2019). 'Dead Popstar' written by The Lee Harveys, used by permission of Rotator Vinyl, available on '221' (2021). 'Whole Heart' written by and used by permission of White Rose Motor Oil, available on 'You Can't Kill Ghosts' (2020). 'Let's Do The Twang' written by and used by permission of The Twangy & Tom Trio, available on '1,2,3,4!' (2018). 'No Weapon But Love' written by Icecream Hands, used by permission of Big Stir Records, available on 'Big Stir Singles: The Tenth Wave' (2021). 'Northside' written by and used by permission of Thea Ennen, available on 'Soul Bird' (2020). 'Backroom Boys' written by Greenmantle, used by permission of Jack Law, available on 'Radio On' (2015). 'Adeline' written by and used by permission of Ben Wilson, available on 'Prove' (2020). 'There's A Place For Me In Hell' written by and used by permission of Blues For Neighbors with thanks to Road Rat Records, available on 'Cursed Songs' (2021). 'Over And Over Again' written by and used by permission of Aliceissleeping, available on 'Completely Fine' (2021). 'Sexident' written by and used by permission of Mommy's Cigarettes, available on 'It's My Party... And It Sucks!' (2021). 'Simonsaze (Rebellion Mix)' written by and used by permission of Josh Hines/J.D. Minor, available on 'Misadventures In Dystopia' (TO BE RELEASED - EXCLUSIVE, 2021). 'Hydroponic Tomatoes' written by and used by permission of Petrelli, available on 'Torre Hornero Sessions' (2021). 'Lost Art' written by Monica Sorenson/Rick Walker, used by permission of Rick Walker, available on 'Where Are You?' (2020). 'Als De Twijfel' written by and used by permission of Wouter Thijssen, available on 'Wouter Thijssen' (2019). 'Brightburn' written by and used by permission of Feverjaw, also used by permission of SWND Records, available on 'Brightburn' (2021). 'Confront!' written by Alexander Leonard Donat/Thiago Desant, used by permission of Alexander Leonard Donat (TO BE RELEASED - EXCLUSIVE, 2021). 'A Thousand Times' written by and used by permission of Ben Van Buskirk, available on 'I Will Want You When We Are Ghosts' (2021). 'Silent Fam' written by Ben Churchill/Ralph Morton, used by permission of Ben Churchill, available on 'Ocean Boy' (2021). 'Robot 0' written by Roberts/Ludington, used by permission of Ryan Roberts, available on 'Robot 0' (2021). 'We Dance' written by and used by permission of Stone Poets, available on 'Smoke And Mirrors' (2020). 'New Wave Romance' written by and used by permission of Paul Inglis, available on 'The Global Village Of The Damned' (2020). 'Deep Sea Diving' written by and used by permission of Anthea Feaver, available on 'Play It Back' (2021).


all rights reserved



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