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Flowered Up

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #53

Your weekly compilation of independent music from all around the world. No limitations, no boundaries... just great, authentic and underground music. This collection is entitled Flowered Up after Liam Maher (the frontman of 80s alternative dance group, Flowered Up) who died 11 years ago this month. The album is also dedicated to him and Flowered Up's legacy.

It is extremely exciting to finally feature a song from our long-term collaborators, The Cherry Bluestorms. The Californian neo-psychedelic troupe open the collection with 'Seven League Boots'. We also welcome back Belgium dark pop masterminds, Smashing Birds, and begin a collaboration with Ed Pettersen. Ed contributes two experimental compositions, one from his solo projects and one, a traditional song, from the London Experimental Ensemble.

Dave Jackson is another familiar face. Dave is a member of The Room in The Wood who featured on last week's collection. This week he makes two contributions, one as a solo act and one with his backing band, The Cathedral Mountaineers. These songs land somewhere between country, folk and Americana. Pawl and Ttypes are another great new artist we are thrilled to be working with. They specialise in an experimental brand of Americana and have offered up a track from their collaborative project. Next week, we will be bringing you a solo track from each performer.

There are plenty more fresh faces to introduce too. The Hummingbird Syndicate deliver some jangly roots rock that proves to be reminiscent of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, and The Danny Smith Project give us some experimental progressive folk rock from their 2010 album, The Instant Musical. We then move on with some raucous traditional folk from The Orange Circus Band, some melodic alternative rock from J.E. Duffy, and some skiffle-based, lockdown-influenced rockabilly blues from The Gold Hope Duo.

We have the indie punk rock of Rose Blush, Saint Severin's anthemic post-punk, and Mike Bankhead's huge-sounding Midwest rock. There is also indie folk from Noble 5th and The Confidence, rootsy alternative rock from Andrea Flanagan, and neo-psychedelic folk rock from Professor Mikey. The collection winds down with the country rock of The Nations, the perfectly-written Americana of Will Rainier and The Pines, and the folky Americana of Gordie Tentrees and Jaxon Haldane.

Please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries and support Aldora Britain Record and independent music. Enjoy!


released October 23, 2020

This album is dedicated to Flowered Up's Liam Maher. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records. Artwork by Emma Prime, photo by Tom Hilton, Rothley, October 2020. 'Seven League Boots' written by The Cherry Bluestorms, used by permission of Glen Laughlin, taken from 'Whirligig!' (2018). 'Good Boy Young' written by Tim 'Ttypes' Krauss and Paul 'Pawl' Krauss, used by permission of Pawl, taken from 'Motel' (2020). 'Jamie' written by Jon Macey and Lynn Shipley, used by permission of Jon Macey, taken from 'Keep Loving Keep Living' (2020). 'Bill The Stroller' written by and used by permission of Dan Torigoe, used by permission of 'The Instant Musical' (2010). 'Sit Down By The Fire' written by Raven/The Orange Circus Band, used by permission of Cisco, taken from 'Whistle In The Dawn' (2020). 'Independence Day' written by and used by permission of James Duffy, taken from 'Forever?' (2020). 'When Will I See Grandma Again?' written by Lara Hope and Matt Goldpaugh, used by permission of Lara Hope, taken from 'Songs In The Key Of Quarantine' (2020). 'Red Car' written by Jackson/Head/O'Shea, used by permission of Dave Jackson, taken from 'Cathedral Mountain' (2010). 'I Curse The River Of Time' written by and used by permission of Ed Pettersen, taken from 'I Curse The River Of Time: A Norwegian-American Tale' (2012). 'When We Freeze' written by Smashing Birds, used by permission of Dieter Geernaert, taken from 'No More Revolutions' (2017). 'Nevermore' written by Rose Blush, used by permission of Morgan Dowsett, taken from 'Wide Margins' (2020). 'The Knife (Original Mix)' written by Saint Severin, used by permission of Paul Pascoe, taken from 'The Knife' (2020). 'Run To You' written by and used by permission of Mike Bankhead, taken from 'Anxious Inventions & Fictions' (2020). 'Plastic Rabbits' written by Noble 5th & The Confidence, used by permission of Cedric Loehr, taken from 'The Ever Green EP' (2020). 'Anything Goes' written by and used by permission of Andrea Flanagan, taken from 'The Road' (2020). 'Flying By At The Speed Of Summer' written by Michael Scott Langley, used by permission of Mike Langley, taken from 'Pick My Brain' (2020). 'Desert Kisses' written by Jewels/Johnny Nation, used by permission of Julie Cohen, taken from 'Captured And Released' (2019). 'City Crow' written by and used by permission of Will Rainier, taken from 'Tethered To The World' (2020). 'Maureen' written by Jackson/McKechnie/Stringer/Surtrees, used by permission of Dave Jackson, taken from 'Red Fin Sunset' (2015). 'Lost' written by Tentrees, used by permission of Gordie Tentrees, taken from 'Grit' (2018). 'The Elfin Knight' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Ed Pettersen, taken from '' ().


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