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by Various Arists



Aldora Britain Records #28 EVOLVE

This is our latest compilation album and will be released on May 30, 2020, one day before our first original release. Prolific as always!

Another fun and eclectic collection touching a lot of varying styles and approaches, it truly is a great advert for independent and grassroots music all over the world. There's plenty of stuff out there, it's just a question of finding it and shining a light on it.

Phil Matthews a.k.a. The Village returns with a brand new exclusive track that he wrote and recorded in recent weeks whilst in isolation. The track, entitled 'Isolation Blues,' is a perfect neo-psychedelic folk blues encapsulation of the new world that we find ourselves in. The Scatterlings can't stay away either and they have contributed their lovely folk ballad, 'Sweet Sally,' an eloquently written track that is draped in heartfelt emotion. There's also a track from Roux Recording, the latest label that we are excited to collaborate with. These guys have a knack for releasing great traditional music, in this case we have some Irish jigs from C Sharp. The last of our returning artists is Psykobilly (a.k.a. Bill Newton) who provides us with 'Remains,' the anthemic ballad that closed his debut album, a song I still regard as one of the best things that has ever been sent out to me.

The compilation features a further twelve artists from all over the world. We have further adventures into traditional Irish music with the beautiful opening number from Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh. Avalon provide an English folk equivalent; The Lost Trades provide a British take on an original and emotive Americana tune; and Susie Jones completes the traditional contributions with an indie folk track that has hints at the ambient and ethereal.

There is the memorable stadium-ready alternative rock of Cocoon Fire, the Hammond-driven garage punk kick of The Gala, and the driving and thriving powerpop of Are You Called Atomic. We travel back to the 60s with a vintage sounding jangle pop tune from The Shea. Adjust The Sails then bring us back to the 21st century with some pop punk and Stoner Bud's provide some surf stoner pop.

The final additions come from Nick Florent whose track, a great vintage pop tune, comes from his concept album about ferries; and Black Bats, a fuzzy reverb-drenched garage rock sound that also hints at The Shadows' twang.

Well... it that enough? You're going to find your new favourite band in this collection. Stay sensible, stay at home and listen to the music. It's the best and safest thing to do.

Tom @ AB Records


released April 30, 2020

All compositions on this album are owned by the individual artists and have only been licensed to Aldora Britain Records for this one-off compilation album.

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Concept and artwork by Emma Prime. This album is dedicated to the 225,000 souls around the world gone too soon. Please stay safe and be sensible. 'Blackwaterside' is a traditional composition arranged by Nic Amhlaoibh/O'Beirne/O'Connor, used by permission of Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, taken from 'Thar Toinn / Seaborne' (2020). 'Eraser' written by and used by permission of Cocoon Fire, taken from 'Sex For Free' (2018). 'Oh Abby' written by Doran/Kenneally/Frank/Perilli/Sampson, used by permission of The Gala, taken from 'Bad News' (2019). 'Oh Boy!' written by Othmar Schonafinger, used by permission of The Shea, taken from 'Every Tear A Hit' (2018). 'Ripe' written by Michael Judge/Juliet Forshaw, used by permission of The Avalon Underground, taken from 'My Evil Plan' (2020). 'Isolation Blues' written by and used by permission of Phil Matthews, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE (2020). 'Whatever Happened To You?' written by Simon Jason Crockett, used by permission of Are You Called Atomic, taken from 'Drive Thru' (2019). 'Meet Kyle' written by Adjust The Sails, used by permission of Shane Hurst, taken from 'The Worst Of Adjust The Sails' (2020). 'Surf Is Dead' written by and used permission of Stoner Bud's, taken from 'Weird Vision' (2019). 'Hummingbird' written by and used by permission of The Lost Trades, taken from 'The Lost Trades' (2020). 'Sweet Sally' written by L.E. Kornfeld, used by permission of The Scatterlings, taken from 'Being Human' (2019). 'Bidi An Muirnin / The Garravane / Johnny O'Leary's' written by C Sharp, used by permission of ROUX Recordings, taken from C Sharp (2020). 'Emmeline' written by Jones, used by permission of Susie Jones, taken from 'Not So Far Apart' (2020). 'Ubiquitous TV' written by and used by permission of Nick Florent, taken from 'Another Day On The Ferry' (2019). 'Apache Ghosts' written by David Houston, used by permission of Black Bats, taken from 'Black Bats' (2019). 'Remains' written by Psykobilly, used by permission of Bill Newton, taken from 'Black Candle' (2020).


all rights reserved



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