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by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #96

Aldora Britain Records is back once again with this week's compilation album, Everly. The title is, of course, as a mark of respect for the late Don Everly, a rock and roll innovator, who passed away last week. This album consists of 25 handpicked gems from all around the globe. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

We welcome back Alexander Leonard Donat under the pseudonym of Vlimmer, his bullet proof darkwave project who we have come to know and love. Arda & The Stolen Moon come back to us with their Cyprus-based take on upfront, from-the-heart alternative rock. Big Stir Records also return with the melody-driven pop rock of the marvellous The Lunar Laugh. Their roster is going from strength to strength just now and shows no signs of slowing down. Jeffrey Bright brings us another project from his archives series. This time, it's his work with bombastic gloomy jangle pop group The Pleasures Pale.

Elsewhere, we open proceedings with Green Diesel, acid folk with a progressive twist, and The Braam Brothers, celestial and tender roots rock. There is the quirky experimental psych pop of Custardpaws & Mr. Freezy, the classic-sounding folk rock of Summer Sleeves and the harmonica-laden troubadour folk of Scott Meyers. We have a good-time country duet from Trevor Tchir, twangy country rock from Bill Edwards and a gritty anti-folk escapade from Beau James Wilding.

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes deliver tender and emotive indie folk, Pastel Coast give us tropical indie pop and Forre Sterra bring us dreamy lo-fi bedroom pop. We have atmospheric, driving indie rock from The Pastel Waves, technicolour shoegaze from Guest Directors and Long Island emo punk from Ackerman. There is the traditional Irish rebel-rousers of Diaspora, the catchy Beatle-esque acoustic rock of Til Willis and the orchestral classic rock of Eric Dwight.

Proceedings start to wind down with Cvantez, dark indie psych, and We Hate You Please Die, raw and raucous punk. There is heavy and expansive prog rock from Ricardo Margadona & Rebecca Riss and experimental alternative chanson from Bruno Karnel.

Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records every week. Have a great weekend and see you soon!


released August 27, 2021

This collection of music is dedicated to the brilliant Don Everly. Special thanks to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Water In Motion' by Petr Kratochvil, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-220). 'Northern Frisk' is a traditional composition with additional writing by Care, used by permission of Green Diesel, available on 'After Comes The Dark' (2021). 'Lovely Lovely' written by Bright / Swann / Lerma, used by permission of Bright, available on 'Daily Living Is A Herculean Act' (2020). 'Heartbreaker' written by and used by permission of The Braam Brothers, available on 'Landscapes' (2021). 'Ankleweights' written by Blair Wells / Jeff Badger, used by permission of Custardpaws & Mr. Freezey, available on 'Window Weather' (2021). 'On The Stereo' written by and used by permission of Jeremy Charbonneau, available on 'In The Throes Of Woes' (2021) or at jigsaw-records.com. 'Waiting For The Lightning Strike' written by and used by permission of Scott Meyers, available on 'Pirates On The Moon' (2021). 'Poet And The Poor Boy' written by and used by permission of Trevor Tchir, available on 'Sun & Moon' (2021). 'Get A Little Distance On It' written by and used by permission of Bill Edwards, available on 'Whole Cloth' (2021). 'Real Recognizes Real' written by and used by permission of Beau James Wilding, available on 'Amor Fati Of Crazy Cloud' (2019). 'Race To The Bottom' written by and used by permission of Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes, available on 'Pierson V. Post E.P.' (2021). 'Rendezvous' written by and used by permission of Quentin Isidore, available on 'Sun' (2021). 'October Monday' written by Milan Klaui / Lennert Klaui, used by permission of Forre Sterra, available on 'Aliens In A Digital World' (2020). 'Big Nose' written by and used by permission of The Pastel Waves, available on 'I Hate Myself For Wanting It EP' (2020). 'Another Round' written by and used by permission of Guest Directors, available on 'Connected Heavens' (2021). 'By The Light Of The Living Room' written by The Lunar Laugh, used by permission of Big Stir Records, available on 'Nighthawks!' (2021). 'I Know Who You Are' written by and used by permission of Matt Barba, available on 'A Stitch In The Side, A Pain In The Chest' (2019). 'Ireland's Not Just A Place' written by and used by permission of Lee Regan, available on 'Far From Home' (2021). 'Who's To Say What's Human Best?' written by and used by permission of Til Willis, available on 'Morning Day' (2021). 'She Stood Her Ground Today' written by and used by permission of Eric Dwight Kneipfer, available on 'Born Into Addiction' (2021). 'Emotional Hacking' written by and used by permission of Arda, available on 'Outside In Perpetual Motion' (2021). 'Hey Lino' written by and used by permission of Cvantez, available on 'A Smile To Reset' (2021). 'Rebooting Clouds' written by and used by permission of Bruno Karnel, available on 'Las Ilusiones' (2021). 'Echoes Of Yesterday' written by and used by permission of Ricardo Margadona / Rebecca Riss, available on 'Delirium' (2021). 'Barney' written by and used by permission of We Hate You Please Die, available on 'Can't Wait To Be Fine' (2021). 'Meter' written by and used by permission of Alexander Leonard Donat, available on 'Meter / Kartenwarten' (2021).


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