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An Original Thinker

by Various Artists



Independent Music Sampler #157

Aldora Britain Records proudly presents An Original Thinker, an eclectic collection of 25 independent and underground artists from all around the globe. This release's title comes from a 2010 biographical book about the legendary Thelonious Monk. This collection is dedicated to the iconic Tina Turner, thank you for the music.

We welcome back several old friends this week. Jonathan Balzano Brookes returns with the otherworldly folk rock sound of Phantom Buffalo, Nick Kelly contributes the driving indie rock of Alien Envoy, and there is the indie orchestral folk pop of Boo Sutcliffe. JDR & The Broadcast's Pete Jive arrives with his alternative Americana country folk, Mythical Motors unleash their lo-fi jangle pop bliss, and Brook Adams gives us some emotive traditional country sound. There is melodic indie folk pop from This Circus Life, upbeat singer-songwriter pop rock from Jackie K, and British indie folk rock from Richard Lucas.

Berry Donmark, an integral member of The Other Hit, contributes his emotive and smooth soft rock, Michel Borla gives us Francophone folk rock songwriting, and Sebastien Lacombe delivers his orchestral Francophone folk rock. There is the modern alternative rock sound of Landis St, the roaming alternative indie folk of Doctor Millar And The Beet Club, and the smooth melodic chanson Francaise of Sylvain Rollet. We have traditional quirky vocal jazz from Sarah Partridge, free-flowing contemporary jazz from the Mace Francis Orchestra, and worldly cyclone beat experimentation from Plasticine.

Our final returning artists and labels are Umlaut with Die Hochstapler's experimental avant garde jazz, Mint Biscuit with his lo-fi ambient indie folk, FIZZ with his grungy dark alternative rock, Anime Aliens with their crunching fuzzy punk rock, Air Show Disaster with their concept-based psychedelic rock, and Nasoni Records introduce us to the psychedelia of Liquid Orbit.

As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music.

Tom @ Aldora Britain Records


Please welcome these new sounds to the Aldora Britain Records Community this week:

B.R.E.T.O.N.S. (raucous Celtic punk rock).


released April 28, 2023

This album is dedicated to Tina Turner. Special thank you to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Abstract Art Face' by Ian L, used and modified under CC0 Public Domain license. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-470).

Tracks 1 - 5:

'Stark Glass Man' written by Phantom Buffalo, used by permission of Jonathan Balzano Brookes, originally released on 'Tadaloora' (2012). 'Nothing Left To Do But To Dance' written by and used by permission of Nick Kelly, originally released on 'Loads' (2014). 'Eleven Eight' written by and used by permission of Boo Sutcliffe, originally released on 'Eleven Eight' (2023). 'Everytime' written by and used by permission of Pete Jive, originally released on 'Demons, Dark Sides, & Downtime' (2023). 'Cut The Crimson Wire' written by Mythical Motors, used by permission of Matt Addison, originally released on 'Join Her Circus' (2023).

Tracks 6 - 10:

'I Will Be Nothing' written by and used by permission of Brook Adams, originally released on 'Ready To Burn' (2013). 'Nothing Changes' written by and used by permission of Charlie Mear, originally released on 'The Lost Art Of Everything' (2022). 'When You Almost Didn't Love Me' written by and used by permission of Jackie K, originally released on 'She's A Story' (2023). 'It's Comin' Around' written by and used by permission of Richard Lucas, originally released on 'It's Comin' Around' (2022). 'Praying Tonight' written by and used by permission of Patrick Courtemanche, originally released on 'Aldora Britain Records Presents Berry Donmark' (2023).

Tracks 11 - 15:

'Les Balancoires' written by and used by permission of Michel Borla, originally released on 'Je N'y Pense Plus' (2018). 'Chateau De Cartes' written by and used by permission of Sebastien Lacombe, originally released on 'Le Chemin Des Possibles' (2022). 'Drunken Lullabies' written by B.R.E.T.O.N.S., used by permission of Jessica Delot, originally released on 'B.R.E.T.O.N.S.' (2023). 'Better Off Dead' written by Landis St., used by permission of Dustin Norberg, originally released on 'Window' (2022). 'Feel Everything And Love Yourself' written by and used by permission of Sean Millar, originally released on 'Always Coming Home' (2002).

Tracks 16 - 20:

'Marin, Berger' written by and used by permission of Sylvain Rollet, originally released on 'Aimantes' (2023). 'A Quarter Past Heartache' written by Janis Ian and Sarah Partridge, used by permission of Sarah Partridge, originally released on 'Bright Lights & Promises: Redefining Janis Ian' (2017). 'My Romance' written by and used by permission of Mace Francis, originally released on 'Love Songs I Love' (2019). 'Psy Clone' written by and used by permission of Joao Faisca, originally released on 'The Most Beautiful Skies' (2022). 'When You Play The Jazz' written by Die Hochstapler, used by permission of Umlaut, originally released on 'Beauty Lies' (2022).

Tracks 21 - 25:

'Leap Of Faith' written by and used by permission of Richard Thomas, originally released on 'A Trip Outside: Expanded & Remastered' (2023). 'Tragic Religion' written by and used by permission of Todd Meisler, originally released on 'Dust & Scratches' (2021). 'Vide' written by and used by permission of Charlie Passarell, originally released on 'Riffs Over Everything' (2020). 'Mexico' written by and used by permission of Eric Sporer, originally released on 'Desert Noir' (2022). 'The Machine Inside You' written by Sylvia Kopke, used by permission of Nasoni Records, originally released on 'Spontaneous Floating Rock Creations' (2023).


More Air Show Disaster: airshowdisaster.bandcamp.com.

More Alien Envoy: nickkellymusic.bandcamp.com/album/loads.

More Anime Aliens: animealiens.bandcamp.com.

More B.R.E.T.O.N.S.: not available on Bandcamp.

More Berry Donmark: berrydonmark.bandcamp.com.

More Boo Sutcliffe: boosutcliffe.bandcamp.com.

More Brook Adams: brookadams.bandcamp.com/album/ready-to-burn.

More Die Hochstapler: umlautrecords.bandcamp.com/album/beauty-lies.

More Doctor Millar And The Beet Club: seanmillar.bandcamp.com/album/always-coming-home.

More FIZZ: fizzmusic.bandcamp.com.

More Jackie K: jackiekro.bandcamp.com.

More Landis St.: landisst.bandcamp.com/album/window.

More Liquid Orbit: liquidorbit.bandcamp.com.

More Mace Francis Orchestra: macefrancis.bandcamp.com/album/love-songs-i-love.

More Michel Borla: michelborla.bandcamp.com.

More Mint Biscuit: mintbiscuitsounds.com/album/a-trip-outside-2023.

More Mythical Motors: mythicalmotors.bandcamp.com.

More Pete Jive: petejive.bandcamp.com/album/demons-dark-sides-downtime.

More Phantom Buffalo: phantombuffalo.bandcamp.com.

More Plasticine: plasticinebandpt.bandcamp.com.

More Richard Lucas: richardlucas.bandcamp.com.

More Sarah Partridge: sarahpartridge.bandcamp.com.

More Sebastien Lacombe: sebastienlacombe.bandcamp.com.

More Sylvain Rollet: sylvainrollet.bandcamp.com.

More This Circus Life: thiscircuslife.bandcamp.com.


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