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A Weekend With Blanche Hudson

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #56

A Weekend With Blanche Hudson is the name of this week's offering. Yet another collection of independent or underground music from all around the world. The title is a nod towards the brilliant Blanche Hudson Weekend and their label mates, Girl One and The Grease Guns, who have both contributed tracks. Real high points of the collection.

We also welcome back Bitterwind who recently released their single, 'Summer Rain', on our label. Cimrya Deal, French indie pop, and Harrowman, traditional English folk, also return. Bent Roads Tavern bring back their boundary-pushing folk rock all the way from Canada.

Elsewhere, we see the new faces and hear the new sounds of Jeremy Tuplin (psych pop), Witchdokters (garage rock), and The Battlebeats (punk). Les Nuby gives us some arena rock, The Cancellations deliver melodic powerpop, and Ross Royce serves up the glam rock. There is experimental folk from Wolf Laurel, quarantine indie pop from Charlie Jindra, and dreamy pop from Nico Carnago.

Proceedings wind down with the indie folk of Philippe Guislain, the heavy alt rock of Premium Heart, and the industrial electro of Unquiet Dead. Our closing notes come from the contrasting alternative punk of Zacc and The Scissorlips and the ambience of Blue Navy.

Please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music. Enjoy!


released November 13, 2020

This collection is dedicated to Mitch Mitchell, a rhythmic innovator. Compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records. Artwork by Tom Hilton, photography taken at the pub on the beach, Morfa Nefyn. 'Let Me Go' written by The Blanche Hudson Weekend, used by permission of Darren at Squirrel Records, taken from 'Standing On The Lift To The Scaffold: 2009-2013' (2020). 'Killer Killer' written by and used by permission of Jeremy Tuplin, taken from 'Violet Waves' (2020). 'Happiness' written by The Witchdokters, used by permission of Tony Major, taken from 'Timeless & Shiftless' (2020). 'Stich Your Heart Up' written by and used by permission of Andresa Nugraha, taken from 'Search And Destroy' (2020). 'The Shatterproof Man' written by Girl One and The Grease Guns, used by permission of Darren at Squirrel Records, taken from 'The Strange Lines That Humans Draw In The Dust' (2017). 'Saratoga' written by and used by permission of Brad Creel, taken from 'Time & The Road' (2015). 'Leave Her Alone' written by and used by permission of Dana Berry, taken from 'Cry Raven' (2020). 'Know What She Said' written by and used by permission of Les Nuby, taken from 'Clouded' (2020). 'Lonely Girl' written by The Cancellations, used by permission of Erik Matthijs, taken from 'Lonely Girl' (2020). 'Pepper Pig With Naked Amber Dancing In The Living Room' written by and used by permission of Cimrya Deal, taken from 'Besides...' (2020). 'Actus Reus' written by Harrowman, used by permission of Graham Russ, taken from 'Fugitive' (2020). 'How Long?' written by Wolf Laurel, used by permission of Doug Graupe, taken from 'Animal Intent' (2020). 'Running Around In Circles' written by Bent Roads Tavern, used by permission of Collen Middleton, taken from 'The Legend Of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 5' (2020). 'If You Want It' written by and used by permission of Charlie Jindra, taken from 'Home' (2020). 'You Never Told Me' written by and used by permission of Nico Carnago, taken from 'It's Fine, I'm OK' (2020). 'No Morality' written by and used by permission of Philippe Guislain, taken from 'The Only River' (2020). 'How To Pronounce Kosciuszko' written by Premium Heart, used by permission of Ryan at Premium Heart, taken from 'Kosciuszko' (2020). 'Burn My Head Down' written by Unquiet Dead, used by permission of Jason and Lora at Unquiet Dead, taken from 'Anima Ignis' (2019). 'I'm Not A Doctor' written by Zacc and The Scissorlips, used by permission of Zach Szerlip, taken from 'Cuccia Gang 2' (2020). 'Slept' written by and used by permission of Jake Dryzal, taken from 'Yours' (2020).


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