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A Putney Exchange

by Various Artists



'A Putney Exchange' is our twentieth compilation album on independent, underground hidden gems. Fifteen songs of undiscovered gold for you all to enjoy. The title is a nod to the as-of-yet unreleased studio album from John Donegan, 'Putney', which has already been hailed a masterclass and ground breaking. As such, this compilation features another track from the modernist pop hero, 'Streets of Putney'.

Also featured we have... gritty English folk from Cal Rush-Williams, in-your-face blues rock and roll from Rum For Legba, driving rhythm neo-rockabilly from The Jack O' Bones, new wave post punk from The Vodka Tourists, outlaw country epic storytelling from Mark Anthony Febbo, alternative country from The Rightly So, wittily written country rock from Arroyo Rogers, heartfelt and meaningful country folk from Paul Nowak, Irish neo-folk from Fintan McHugh, country-infused folk music from Lawrence County, anthemic Americana R&B from Erin O'Neill, new wave country from David Lombard, aggressive psychobilly from Stormtroopers Of Love, and English folk from Rainy Day Woman.

Another eclectic collection with roots leanings then, enjoy!

Tom @ AB


released March 15, 2020

Compiled by Tom Hilton. Artwork taken from the Great Central Railway. Dedicated to Arnold Stirzaker and family. 'Fuck You, Honey' written by Cal Rush-Williams, used by permission of Cal Rush-Williams, taken from 'Cherry Hill' (2019). 'Stagger Lee' is a traditional composition, used by permission of Rum For Legba, taken from 'Atomic Hypnotic' (2019). 'Long-Time Dead' written by Paul Harwood/Mark Bending, used by permission of The Jack O' Bones, taken from 'On The Loose' (2018). 'Can't Sleep At Night' written by The Vodka Tourists, used by permission of John Francis Hill, taken from 'Almost Abandoned' (2014). 'Streets Of Putney' written by John Donegan/Phil Sorrell, used by permission of Phil Sorrell, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED. 'Agave Nectar' written by Mark Anthony Febbo, used by permission of Mark Anthony Febbo, taken from 'Dry River Redemption' (2020). 'Black And Blue' written by The Rightly So, used by permission of The Rightly So, taken from 'Vandura' (2019). 'Eleanor' written by Kip Powell, used by permission of Arroyo Rogers, taken from 'Single Wide' (2019). 'Two Rivers' written by Paul Nowak, used by permission of Paul Nowak, taken from 'Cowboy Songs' (2020). 'What's It Gonna Be' written by Fintan McHugh, used by permission of Fintan McHugh, taken from 'Stardust And Bone' (2019). 'Black Sally' written by Kerry, used by permission of Lawrence County, taken from 'The Frailty Of Humans' (2020). 'Some People' written by Erin O'Neill, used by permission of Erin O'Neill, taken from 'The Same And Far Away' (2019). 'Walden' written by David Lombard, used by permission of David Lombard, taken from 'Looking For A Dream' (2019). 'Brandnew Nightmare' written by Stormtroopers Of Love, used by permission of Stormtroopers Of Love, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED (2020). 'Home' written by Hannah Pawson/Gabriel Wynne, used by permission of Rainy Day Woman, taken from 'Home' (2020).


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