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A Leamington Exchange

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #94

We are back again with the superbly eclectic A Leamington Exchange, this week's independent music compilation. The title is a reference to the brilliant Joel Rogers who released his debut studio album, Better Late Than Never, last week. Joel was also the first ever artist to collaborate with Aldora Britain Records way back in 2013. Alongside Joel, we welcome 24 other independent or underground artists. As always, please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support AB Records and independent music.

We welcome back some familiar faces this week. Big Stir Records return with The Speed Of Sound who deliver exceptional post-punk powerpop. Jason Presley also appears with another one of his brilliant projects from the past. This time it is the alternative rootsy rock of Prankstar. Ian Lowery gives us snarling garage punk, Big Fundamental brings us indie garage rock and More Than Folk Records are back with the bohemian folk of Autumn Shade.

Elsewhere, we have noir apocalyptic pop from Myself A Living Torch, classic strutting rock and roll from Starscreen and infection funk blues from Tokyo Tramps. There is the Aussie pub rock of The Vee Bees, the pounding Stonesy R&B of Northagirres and the angelic noir folk of Queen Of The Meadow. Crimson Bloom relive the glory days of Madchester, Rigid With Desire give us tribal post-punk glair and Fontaine Wallace deliver orchestral indie pop.

There is anthemic indie rock from I See Shapes, continental noise pop from Czechoslovakia and 21st century indie from ORINJ. The Happy Somethings give us quirky alternative pop, The Karlos Kollective contribute some progressive folk rock and Scott MacKay muses old-time country storytelling. There is the bouncing piano rock of To Hell With Tradition, the DIY alt rock of Jake Adair and the ambient shoegaze of Famine / Misfortune / Abuse. Johnny Gifford concludes proceedings with his self-styled plant rock.

Special thank you to all the artists involved and the music lovers that keep coming back to AB Records every week. Have a great weekend and see you soon!


released August 13, 2021

This collection of music is dedicated to the ever cool Dennis Thomas. Special thanks to all the artists, bands, producers and labels involved in the making of this compilation. Artwork taken from the image 'Abstract Night Light Trails' by Ian L, used under Public Domain licence. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records (ABR-215). 'Zodiac Player V1' written by Bright, used by permission of Myself A Living Torch, available on 'Instant Karma Cannot Get Me' (2021). 'Rattle Your Bones' written by Davis / McNevin / Price / Kidger, used by permission of Starcreen, available on 'A Dangerous Pursuit Of Bliss' (2020). 'Long Day' written by Satoru Nakagawa, used by permission of Tokyo Tramps, available on 'I'm A Tiger' (2020). 'Big In The Gong' written by and used by permission of The Vee Bees, available on 'Yeah Nah Yeah Nah' (2018). 'Opium Eyes' written by The Speed Of Sound, used by permission of Big Stir Records, available on 'Museum Of Tomorrow' (2021). 'Elevator' written by and used by permission of Northagirres, available on 'Cavare' (2020). 'Drinking Song' written by and used by permission of Prankstar, available on 'Rue De Blackwell' (2007). 'Smother' written by Helen Ferguson, used by permission of Only Lovers Records, available on 'Survival Of The Unfittest' (2021). 'Stir It Up' written by A. Johnson, used by permission of Crimson Bloom, available on 'The Madhouse' (2021). 'Drown Me' written by Di Levi, used by permission of Rigid With Desire, available on 'Life At Night: The Recordings Of Rigid With Desire / Helter Skelter 1982-1984' (2021). 'Cheating Time' written by Ian Lowery, used by permission of David Lowery, available on 'Ironic' (2015). 'Heavy On My Soul' written by and used by permission of Joel Rogers, available on 'Better Late Than Never' (2021). 'Le Projet' written by Fontaine Wallace, used by permission of Only Lovers Records, available on 'Le Projet' (2021). 'Bones' written by J.C. Acres, used by permission of I See Shapes, available on 'Relativism' (2021). 'Haze' written by and used by permission of Stu Ruiz, available on 'Hyperbeam' (2021). 'Wszystko' written by and used by permission of Czechoslovakia, available on 'A'more' (2021). 'Lemon Dreams' written by and used by permission of ORINJ, available on 'How Do You See The World?' (2021). 'Pretty Pants' written by and used by permission of The Happy Somethings, available on 'Lollipop Licks' (2021). 'Roses In The Garden' written by and used by permission of Karl Harrison, available on 'Breaking Free' (2021). '11 Yellow Roses' written by and used by permission of Scott MacKay, available on 'Stupid Cupid' (2021). 'The Climb' written by and used by permission of Achim Hofmeyer, available on 'Stitches' (2021). 'Maxine' written by Jes Lenee, used by permission of More Than Folk Records, available on 'Bitter Root & Magpie' (2021). 'For What Am I To Do?' written by and used by permission of Jake Adair, available on 'My Radio Is Broken' (2021). 'Nothing' written by and used by permission of Famine / Misfortune / Abuse, available on 'The Routine Is Hell & I Grow Tired' (2021). 'The Great White' written by and used by permission of Johnny Gifford, available on 'Dragonfly... I'm On My Way, Home!' (2021).


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