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2020: The Second Coming

by Various Artists



Weekly Independent Music Taster #57

This week's album comes exactly one year to the day since we launched our record label with our very first compilation, The Second Coming. This is the 2020 edition, our 92nd release in one year. Independent music is alive and kicking, come along for the ride!

This week we welcome back another patron of underground music, Alexander Leonard Donat. He contributes tracks from two of his dream punk projects, Fir Cone Children and Vlimmer. It is always great to have Alex involved!

We welcome a strong punk contingent this week too... The Scuts, Lucky Number Nick, Fleks, Longshot Odds, The Dry Retch, I.R. Idiot, and 23 & Beyond The Infinite. The collection opens with a traditional folk singalong from Ryan David Orr and we have gritty blues rock from Pink Pussycats From Hell. Ozorio Trio and Igloo Hearts take rootsy approached, and Heavy Whipped Cream take us on a technicolour trip into 21st century psychedelia.

There is still plenty more too. Cold wave from Bellhead, melodic powerpop from Christopher Peifer, and theatrical pop from The Barbarian Horde. Rachel Kiel covers art rock, Pool Noodle give quarantine garage rock, and Denin Koch & Beta Particle deliver modern jazz. The Boysox and Sociales Hetzwerk conclude this week's collection with some alternative rock.

Please download, listen loud, dig deeper with your discoveries, and support Aldora Britain Records and independent music. Enjoy!


released November 20, 2020

This album is dedicated to the ABR Community, without you guys this wouldn't be happening. Thank you. Album compiled by Tom Hilton for Aldora Britain Records. Artwork adapted from 'The Second Coming' (ABR-1), released in November 2019. 'From The Diary Of Eva Hammond In Summer When The Trees Were Screaming' written by and used by permission of Ryan David Orr, taken from 'Kaden Hollow' (2019). 'London Living Slave' written by Ali Keane/Matthew Moore/David Hickling, used by permission of Ali Keane, taken from 'Net Profit' (2020). 'Helleluia' written by Mighty Hunter and Danger Rabbit, used by permission of Pink Pussycats From Hell, taken from 'Hell Nina' (2020). 'Which Is Which' written by Heavy Whipped Cream, used by permission of Thomas Van Gaalen, taken from 'A Mouthful' (2020). 'Runway' written by Bellhead, used by permission of Ivan Russia, *exclusive* (2020). 'California, I Can't Afford Ya' written by and used by permission of Nick Alamanov, taken from 'When This Shit Is Done I'm Moving To Mexico' (2020). 'Puss N Boots' written by and used by permission of Christopher Peifer, taken from 'Suicide Mission' (2020). 'HR!' written by The Barbarian Horde, used by permission of Big Andy Cordle, taken from 'HR!' (2020). 'Do What You Want' written by and used by permission of Rachel Kiel, taken from 'Dream Logic' (2020). 'Max & Hax' written by and used by permission of Alexander Leonard Donat, taken from 'Waterslide At 7 A.M.' (2020). 'Behind These Walls' written by The Boysox, used by permission of Olaf Schnieders, taken from 'But How Apply' (2019). 'Mexican Standoff' written by Fleks, used by permission of Dachshund Records, taken from 'Color TV' (2020). 'Aversion' written by Longshot Odds, used by permission of River Monster Records, taken from 'So Far To Go' (2020). '12,000 Miles From New' written by and used by permission of The Dry Retch, *exclusive* (2020). 'House Of Stairs' written by Adrien Idiot and Skyler Pretty, used by permission of I.R. Idiot, taken from 'Spore' (2019). 'Migraine' written by and used by permission of Pool Noodle, taken from 'What Qualifies As Essential?' (2020). 'Go!' written by Marcelo Ozorio/Ruth Varella/Gustavo Garde, used by permission of Marcelo Ozorio, taken from 'Big Town' (2020). 'Without You' written by James MacGregor and Katie MacGregor, used by permission of James MacGregor, taken from 'Without You' (2020). 'Leise' written by and used by permission of Jim Schatzmann, taken from 'Sociales Hetzwerk' (2020). 'Brave New World' written by 23 & Beyond The Infinite, used by permission of Dirty Beach, taken from 'Elevation To The Misery' (2020). 'Lebenswert' written by and used by permission of Alexander Leonard Donat, taken from 'XIIIIII/XIIIIIII (16 &17)' (2020). 'Trinity' written by and used by permission of Denin Koch, taken from 'Re: Manhattan Project' (2020).


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